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Access Control System

- What are end users looking for in an access control system? A white paper from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has the answers.


- Is there a link between the study of engineering and radical followers of jihad? Listen to a sociologist discuss how personal cognitive factors, such as wanting a black and white world, may indicate a connection between the two.

How Effectively Are Funds Being Spent in Afghanistan?

- A U.S. researcher argues against the conventional wisdom that development aid leads to security during counterinsurgency campaigns.


- Bullying among children is on the decline throughout Europe and North America, according to a study of data collected over more than a decade. The findings are reported in an article in the International Journal of Public Health.

Entry-Exit Monitoring

- A RAND report assesses U.S. entry-exit monitoring under the US-VISIT program, turning a critical eye to the return on investment from collection of biometric data at exit.

Countries See Bullying Drop

- A new study published in a leading public health journal finds that bullying among children has declined in many countries.

GAO Criticizes Park Service's Risk Management Practices

- The National Park Service does not have a systematic approach to risk management, which could leave the millions of people who visit national parks and icons vulnerable to terrorist attack and other criminal activities, according to the Government Accountability Office(GAO).

Cheap Sensor Can Detect Trace Amounts of Toxin and TNT in Water, Researchers Report

- Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new hypersensitive sensor they hope will help protect the nation's water supply from contamination by terrorists or industrial leaching, the university's news site reports.

Does "Excited Delirium" Account for Some Taser Deaths?

- A controversial new study contends that some people who died after being tased or subdued by police did not die from the shock or the restraints but from a rare disorder, reports's Danger Room.

DHS Wants Your Input For Homeland Security Strategy

- The Department of Homeland Security is seeking the online input of the American people to help guide a departmental review that will determine the departments' strategies for protecting the country from natural hazards and terrorist attacks.

Arab Public Opinion Shifts in Positive Direction

- A recent public opinion poll of the Arab world shows that the perception of the United States is beginning to improve, while public views on Iran and al Qaeda are becoming less positive.

A Natural Solution to Security Problems

- How walking like a gecko and slithering like a snake may help solve security problems.

Danger! Danger! The Science Behind Gut Feelings

- The New York Times explores why some of us perceive danger well before others.

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