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Forced Labor Threats

- Outsourcing by multinational companies can unwittingly lead to child labor and human rights abuses, harming the company’s reputation and bottom line.

Researchers Believe Skeletal Scans Could Be Newest Screening Technique

- Researchers at Wright State Research Institute believe they have found the newest screening technology to identify terrorists and sexual predators: skeletal scans.

RAND Maps Police and Security Worker Concentrations Nationwide

- A new mapping tool could help U.S. police departments target population areas packed with security workers for more efficient recruiting efforts, according to its developer, the RAND Corporation.

Pentagon Project Tries to Detect Afghan Fertilizer Bombs

- A new Pentagon project looks to detect the chemical signature of fertilizer-based IEDs in Afghanistan.

Can the Economic Costs of Counterfeiting and Piracy Be Accurately Calculated?

- Determining whether the economic costs of counterfeiting and piracy can accurately be calculated is an issue in and of itself.

House Committee Approves Homeland Security R&D

- The Department of Homeland Security's scientists who cook up next-generation technologies like chemical-sniffing cell phones and physiological threat detection just received a big vote of confidence.

Most Americans Willing to Sacrifice Some Privacy for More Security When Flying

- The persistent fear of terrorism combined with the failed Christmas day terrorist attack maybe convincing Americans to forgo privacy for security when flying, according to a survey released Tuesday.

"Grave Concern" Over Rise in Right-Wing Extremism, Radicalization, Civil Rights Organization Reports

- The steady growth in right-wing extremism--especially the Patriot Movement--is worrisome, says a civil rights organization that tracks hate and bigotry.

DHS Tackles Next- Generation Bioterrorism Detector

- A government biosecurity expert last week briefed lawmakers on the Department of Homeland Security's next-generation detectors to detect, to identify, and to aid response to a biological terrorism attack.

NATO's Direction

- The RAND corporation recommends five courses of action that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization can take in the future to remain relevant to international security.

Terrorism and Homeland Security: Thinking Strategically About Policy

- An interesting read that raises awareness about the complexities of implementing a national homeland security strategy.


- The Homeland Security Department seeks to foster new product development by drafting operational requirements. Read examples of these requirements online and find out about DHS’s commercialization efforts.

From Research to Reality

- The Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate funds traditional research and innovation as well as research into technologies ready for transition and commercialization. Its multipronged approach appears to be paying off.

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