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- Researchers have found a way to deduce an individual’s age range based on a tiny amount of blood. This could be helpful in crime investigations.

A Little Dab Will Do Ya (In)

- A new DNA test can help law enforcement determine the age of a victim or suspect from a single drop of blood.

Can Prisoners Be Deradicalized?

- Successful rehabilitation programs for terrorists are tailored to the needs of individual prisoners and usually involve a religious component.

Biometrics are Fallible

- Forget CSI, biometrics are inherently fallible, according to a multiyear study by the National Research Council.

A New Plan for Biodefense Innovation

- A venture capital enterprise investing in high-risk research could help drive innovation in vaccine manufacture and delivery.

Fusion Centers' Information Sharing Improves, DHS Watchdog Says

- The assignment of DHS intelligence analysts to intelligence fusion centers has improved information sharing between the federal government and state and local counterparts, but technical hurdles remain, according to a review conducted by the agency's inspector general.

The Security Implications of Social Networks

- Whether online or in the real world, social networks have real implications and applications for security professionals.

Nuclear Forensics

- The National Research Council cites numerous problems with U.S. nuclear forensics capabilities and calls on the Department of Homeland Security to stand up “a sustainable, effective nuclear forensics program.”

Lie Detection

- Researchers from the University of Utah have found that analysis of eye movements can detect deception. Results indicate that the technique could be used as an alternative to polygraph tests. Read their study.

Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Joseph Smith--Active Shooter and Force-on-Force Advancements in Simulations

- Security simulation expert Joseph L. Smith discusses how virtual simulations can help facilities and organizations cost-effectively prepare for the worst.

Disrupting Terrorist Plans

- Current approaches to counterterrorism are too reactive and defensive, a defense expert argues. Rather, counterterrorism approaches must attack a terror group's moral and physical centers of gravity.

Forced Labor Threats

- Outsourcing by multinational companies can unwittingly lead to child labor and human rights abuses, harming the company’s reputation and bottom line.

Researchers Believe Skeletal Scans Could Be Newest Screening Technique

- Researchers at Wright State Research Institute believe they have found the newest screening technology to identify terrorists and sexual predators: skeletal scans.

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