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Morning Security Brief: DNA Previously Collected Leads to Arrest, Electronic Control Weapons, Countering al Qaeda Ads, and More

- DNA from a prior arrest links a man to a girl missing since March. Americans for Effective Law Enforcement builds a database of electronic control weapons research. How the State Department is countering al Qaeda online. And more.

LAPD Agrees to Suspicious Activity Reporting Reforms

- The Los Angeles Police Department has agreed to amend its suspicious activity reporting program after civil liberties and community groups raised civil concerns.

Morning Security Brief: No Credible NATO Threats, Testing Emergency Vaccines on Children, U.S. Not Safe from Stuxnet, and More

- The FBI says there are no credible threats to this weekend’s NATO summit. HHS opens the debate on medical countermeasure testing for children. The U.S. is not protected from a Stuxnet-type attack. And more.

Think Tank Perspective: Interview with Philip Mudd

- An interview with Philip Mudd of the New America Foundation.  

Supply Chain Security

- A White House strategy for using layered security and other measures to protect the supply chain gets mixed reviews.

Morning Security Brief: Chicago Braces for NATO Protests, House of Representatives Burglaries, License Plate Scanners, and More

- Chicago prepares for NATO summit protests. U.S. Capitol police are looking for a pattern in a series of burglaries on Capitol Hill. The DEA wants to monitor Utah’s drug corridor with license plates cameras. And more.

Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State

- The authors spent two-and-a-half years attempting to document the top secret component of the govern­ment agencies dealing with counterterrorism and the private sector contractors supporting this effort (and on whom the government has become increasingly dependent).

Operation Medicine Delivery Shows 'Postal Option is a Viable Way to Get Medicine to the Public'

- U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and public health officials are pleased with the initial results of Operation Medicine Delivery, the first test run of a program to distribute emergency antibiotics to a population after a widespread biological attack.

Morning Security Brief: Underwear Bomb, New Border Patrol Strategy, Body Scanner Vulnerabilities, and More

- Another underwear bomb plot thwarted. Border Patrol releases its new strategy. DHS identifies body scanner vulnerabilities. And more.

Weekend Exercise Will Measure USPS Anthrax Response Time

- A response exercise scheduled for this weekend will measure the time it takes to deliver the first dose of antibiotics to a population after a widespread biological attack.

Morning Security Brief: Bin Laden Documents Published, Inspire Magazine Published, Sensitive H5N1 Research Published, and More

- Documents found during the raid that killed al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden go online today. Inspire magazine calls for chemical and biological attacks. After months of debate, research showing how H5N1 could make the jump to humans is published. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Bin Laden Anniversary Warning, A Social Network for Former Extremists, Iran’s Cyber-strength, and More

- DHS warns of violence for the anniversary of bin Laden’s death. A social network for former extremists launches. Experts discuss whether Iran is a cyberthreat. And more.

Morning Security Brief: DHS and National Parks, Cybersanctions, Tracking Cell Phone Data Requests, and More

- House Republicans look to enhance DHS powers along the border. New sanctions issued against Iran and Syria. Legislation would require cell phone companies to disclose when they give information to authorities. And more.

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