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Public Safety Spectrum Auction Fails to Secure Bid

- The Federal Communications Commission auction of public safety spectrum has failed to attract a high enough bid.

U.K.: Britain's New National Security Strategy

- Prime Minister said the new national security strategy reflects the challenges and threats of a post-Cold War world.

Homeland Security Secretary Testifies on Budget Requests

- Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff testified in front of the Senate yesterday, outlining his department's 2009 budget requests.

Report: Threat to Nuclear Reactors Underestimated

- A new report finds that the risks of a terrorist attack on a nuclear reactor on a college campus have been underestimated.

Little Progress Made on Airport Security Screening Technology

- Deployment of new technology at airport security checkpoints has been slow, leaving travelers vulnerable, say experts.

DHS Waste

- A report from a private watchdog group criticizes the Department of Homeland Security for "billions of dollars in waste and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars."

Stricter Nuclear Freight Rules Forthcoming

- The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will draw up new security requirements for protecting the shipment of radioactive materials from terrorists that could use the nuclear freight in a dirty bomb.

Does DHS Spend Too Much on Short-Term Technology?

- The Department of Homeland Security spends more than half of its R&D money on technology that comes to fruition within three years.

So You Want to Sell to the Government?

- Security technologies' prospects rated, EU fears expansion of crime with expansion of borders, advice on reducing false alarms, and more

Homeland Security, 2nd Edition

- A collection of 41 articles that provides a variety of opinions and points of view on an extremely broad and controversial topic, making the format an excellent fit for the subject matter.

State Perspective - Oregon

- Interview with Ken Murphy, director of Oregon Emergency Management.

IT security problems at DHS.

- The Department of Homeland Security's IT efforts are plagued with inefficiencies and problems, from an "organizationally weak" CIO office and the reliance on outdated technical systems to the need to outsource some benefits and payroll functions to other agencies. Those charges are leveled by Democrats on the House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee in a recent report, America at Risk: Closing the Security Gap. @ The report is available at SM Online.

Israel to Vote on Detention Law Extension for Security Suspects

- Israel moves to extend detention of security suspects with minimal oversight.

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