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Morning Security Brief: Ferguson Protests, Widespread Cyber Espionage Campaign Discovered, Global Nuclear Talks, and More

- Protesters and police clashed on Monday night in Ferguson, Missouri, and a series of fires, gunshots, and looting was reported. A cyber espionage campaign called Reign has been discovered and is likely the work of a nation-state. Iran's supreme leader is criticizing the West for extending nuclear talks. And more.

Morning Security Brief: EU Pledges $350m For Ebola Vaccine, Cybersecurity Report, and New Apple Malware

- The European Union has pledged $350 million towards finding a vaccine for the Ebola virus. A new report says that cybersecurity will be the fastest-growing homeland security market over the next decade. And a never-before-seen malware is attacking thousands of Apple devices in China.

States With The Most M.R.A.P. Vehicles

- Which states have the most ambush-protected vehicles?

Lax Lab Safety

-  Recent incidents of mishandling anthrax and bird flu samples at government labs have raised concerns about what safety violations are occurring at other high-containment laboratories.

Morning Security Brief: Ottawa Shooting Update, White House Fence Jumper, and the Future of Homeland Security

- Officials try to learn more about the lone shooter who killed a Canadian soldier. A man jumped the White House fence and was subdued before he reached the building. And the research arm of the DHS announces new goals for developing technology to address the latest security concerns.

News and Trends

- Terrorism is increasing and becoming decentralized, plus experts recommend changes to the government’s disaster response.


- Take a look back on the changes made during the last decade and where the terrorist threat stands today in Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of The 9/11 Commission Report. Findings include concerns over the changing face of terrorism, a lack of cyber readiness, and fragmented oversight of national security programs.


- A new report from the RAND Corporation finds that terrorist activity is increasing and becoming less centralized. Since 2010, more attacks have been perpetrated by al Qaeda and its affiliates, and there has been an increase in the number of Salafi-jihadist groups and fighters. A Persistent Threat: The Evolution of al Qa’ida and Other Salafi Jihadists looks into the changes and the reasons behind them.

Homeland Security

- Hackers have made their way into space, endangering satellite communications and threatening national security and critical infrastructure here on earth.


- Security consulting group IOActive released a white paper A Wake-up Call for SATCOM Security detailing vulnerabilities in satellite systems that keep aircraft, ships, and army personnel safe. Also, read the testimony of Douglas Loverro, deputy assistant secretary of defense for space policy, as he explained the importance of space surveillance in critical infrastructure industries during a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Morning Security Brief: Ebola Update, Al Qaeda Threats in United States, MA370 Update, And More

- The Ebola epidemic may affect up to 20,000 people, the World Health Organization has announced. An al Qaeda publication calls for lone-wolf attacks on U.S. sites, including an Air Force Academy. New clues have been found in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and more.

CIA Admits to Breaching Senate Intelligence Committee Computers

- The CIA has admitted to spying on computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee, an allegation the agency had previously denied.

Convergence: Illicit Networks and National Security in the Age of Globalization

- The current problem of networked transnational organized crime and the continued threat it poses to global stability are carefully outlined in this book.

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