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Intelligence reform

- The intelligence reform bill (S. 2845), which enacts the major recommendations of the 9-11 Commission, has been passed by Congress. The new law creates a director of national intelligence to oversee all U.S. intelligence efforts and a national counterterrorism center. The law also provides additional funding for border control needs, such as more personnel and detention centers. It includes a measure to allow employers to request criminal background checks on security employees and also establishes a national clearinghouse to process such background checks. The bill was stripped of some measures, including a provision that would have denied illegal immigrants driver's licenses, before it gained approval, but it does address standards for driver's licenses. Also, language was added to the bill to protect the chain of command to allow the Pentagon to issue timely instructions to troops during wartime. @ Read the conference report online.

Intelligence reform.

- An intelligence reform bill that enacts major recommendations of the 9-11 Commission was approved by Congress.

Terrorists in the Driver's Seat?

- Included in the intelligence-reform law is a provision that requires standardization of driver's licenses, including security features. But a final rule to propose the new standards won't be issued until 18 months from the date the bill became law, or June 2006.  

Is Intelligence in the Wrong Hands?

- Relying on computers to analyze business intelligence is tempting, but the human element is critical to analysis.

20-20 Spy Sight

- Will intelligence reform help spies see terror threats before it's too late?

Did You Know That?

- How well has the FBI aligned itself with post 9-11 priorities? The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) says that the FBI “is making substantial progress in transforming itself into a strong domestic intelligence agency and has the will and many of the competencies required to accomplish it.” But the report makes 37 recommendations for change. Read the  report.

Report Finds Intel Flaws

- In 601 pages of exposition, the Commission on Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction laid bare the serious problems in the U.S. intelligence community. The commission’s report is packed with recommendations on topics such as management, collection, analysis, covert action, and counterinelligence. Read the report.

Bush Issues Information-Sharing Report

- The White House issues its strategy for information sharing in the war on terrorism.

9-11 Chairman Criticizes FBI's Counterterrorism Efforts

- Thomas H. Kean says the FBI must stop treating its intelligence analysts like second class citizens.

Government to Release National Intelligence Budget

- One of the government's most closely guarded secrets will be outed at the end of the month.

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