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Spy Agencies Using Google

- Google's search engine technology and servers are being used by the nation's intelligence community to share information more efficiently.

Capturing Jonathan Pollard: How One of the Most Notorious Spies in American History Was Brought to Justice

- The agent that secured the spy Jonathan Pollard's confession tells how he nabbed the man behind one of the greatest national security breaches in U.S. history.

Data Warehouses Lead to Intelligence-based Policing

- Federal investigators hope the Justice Department's National Data Exchange, a data-mining system, will allow them to search state and local digital records to fight crime and terrorism. State and local police already use a commercial equivalent.

Smashing Intelligence Stovepipes

- Washington State's fusion center offers a model for melding intelligence from multiple public and private sources.

Intelligence Sharing Falters at State and Local Levels

- An internal DHS report obtained by The Wall Street Journal shows intelligence sharing has slightly improved, but states still complain of barriers.

Gatekeeper: A Memoir of a CIA Polygraph Examiner

- The personal history of a CIA polygraph examiner during the height of the Cold War.

An Intelligence Sharing Success Story?

- The Homeland Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center has been helping the United States make important headway in information sharing between the federal intelligence community, private sector infrastructure stakeholders, and local and state law enforcement officials.

What Is Homeland Security ?

- How smart is the homeland security effort to gather intelligence?

Less Private Intelligence Contractors, Says Congressional Report

- A joint congressional report tells the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to find the appropriate balance between contract employees and civilian government employees.

Motion Detection on the Move

- Wide-area video trends.

Would You Like Spies with That?

- FBI denies the reported "Falafel Investigation," calling it too ridiculous to be true.

Moving Past the James Bond Image

- The United Kingdom's intelligence and security services will recruit more "non-white" agents.

FDNY Partners with DHS to Gather Information While Inside Homes

- Critics say the partnership will turn firefighters into intelligence agents.

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