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- Experts examine the transparency of defense companies’ anticorruption programs, and a study looks at the rare but serious threat of hospital shootings.

Sovereign Citizens Interfere With Police Traffic Stops in Nevada

- Sovereign citizens in Nevada are using mobile phones to summon fellow sovereigns to routine traffic stops to document the situation with video cameras and, according to one retired police chief, intimidate police officers.

Morning Security Brief: Billionaire Security, CPR Disparities, SkyTrain Investigation, and More

- How billionaires are securing their homes. Blacks and Hispanics less likely to receive CPR from a stranger, study says. Police are turning monitoring social media for clues to who left an explosive on a set of train tracks in British Columbia. And more.

EMP Weapon Marks 'New Era in Modern Warfare'

- A new weapon could change the future of modern warfare.

Morning Security Brief: Possible Chemical or Biological Attack at U.S. Embassy, .Gov Sites Used for Phishing Attacks, and More

- Sweden’s white powder scare last week has been classified as “spreading a poison or virus.” .Gov sites being used for phishing scams. Social media leads to a break in the investigation of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Violent Crime Increases in the U.S, Swatting, FBI Sting Leads to Arrest of Potential Terrorist, and More

- The number of violent crimes in the U.S. rose 18 percent last year, according to government statistics. Police fear a swatting call could eventually turn fatal. The FBI “foils” another terrorist plot it helped orchestrate. And more.

Social Media and Criminal Organizations

- In the social media world, individuals are encouraged to readily serve up personal data about where they are, who they are with, and when. But cartel members who use Facebook or similar social sites, for target selection can easily exploit this information to establish behavior patterns.

DHS-FBI Intel Bulletin Warns About Anarchist Threat to Conventions

- Anarchists throwing acid-filled eggs and Molotov cocktails bolstered by social media and smartphones may be a problem for the cities hosting the Republican and Democratic Conventions over the next two weeks, according to a joint DHS-FBI intelligence bulletin.

Morning Security Brief: Empire State Shooting, Neo-Nazi Raids, Deterring Gang Violence, and More

- Gunman opens fire at Empire State Building Friday morning but details remain scarce. German authorities raid neo-Nazi hideouts ahead of protests. A judge in Utah bans gang members from each other to deter escalating violence. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Chavis Carter Autopsy, Mexican Airport Security, Venue Sued After Patron Injured in Brawl, and More

- Chavis Carter death ruled a suicide. Mexico City airport cops reassigned. A patron is suing a venue after being injured in a brawl. And more.


- A look at why crime statistics can be misleading and analysis of an appellate court verdict that exonerated an employee who stole proprietary code before leaving for another job.

Human Intelligence, Counterterrorism, and National Leadership: A Practical Guide

- Retired CIA Officer Gary Berntsen has prepared an insightful guide to the realm of intelligence and counterterrorism that is both useful and easy to read.

Morning Security Brief: NSA Won’t Read Your E-mail, Border Security Savings, Emergency Communication, and More

- NSA head says it won’t read your e-mail. Interior border stations to close. POTUS signs Executive Order to further emergency communications. And more.

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