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The Intelligence Triangle

- How one national retailer used the intelligence triangle to deliver a comprehensive business plan and technology integration.

Let Intelligence Light The Way

- An effective in-house intelligence function helped one utility company identify, evaluate, and mitigate existing threats and vulnerabilities.

Introduction to Intelligence Studies

- Introduction to Intelligence Studies has been written for the student who has an interest in gaining a basic understanding of the way intelligence delivers a decision advantage in a rapidly evolving world.

Morning Security Brief: Update on Aborted Navy SEAL Raid, Social Security Fraud, Shutdown's Effects on Cybersecurity, and More

- Members of elite Navy SEAL team 6 aborted an operation to capture a terrorist in Somalia because children were nearby; investigation reveals fraud in the Social Security Administration's Disability Program; the U.S. government shutdown is hurting cybersecurity efforts; and more.


- Researchers develop blast-resistant train cars, and localities try to keep gangs out with injunctions.  

Morning Security Brief: Embassy Closures, Criminal Investigations, Train Derailment, and More

- Embassies in the Middle East remain closed as the White House cites serious threats against the United States; the Drug Enforcement Agency is using national security intelligence to pursue routine criminal investigations, raising concerns; a derailed train carrying hazardous substances in Louisiana leads to evacuation of about 100 homes, and more.

How Snowden's Revelations Impact Intelligence Collection Efforts

- The move towards more constraints and more public oversight of U.S. intelligence gathering procedures sparked by Edward Snowden’s revelations is not in the United States’ best interests if it wishes to avoid intelligence failures, according to a former government intelligence community official who worked at the FBI during the attacks on the U.S. embassies in Africa and on the USS Cole. He spoke on the issue at a panel on terrorism and intelligence.

Intelligence Collection: Who Needs to Know?

- When it comes to intelligence, what does the government need to have and what does the public have a right to know?


- Find out more about an untraditional method of decision making in which a computer program helps assess unlikely outcomes. The process is explored in this report on robust decision making from Rand Corporation.

Director of National Intelligence to Review Intelligence Gathering Prior to Boston Attacks

- The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) will conduct a broad review of intelligence gathering prior to the Boston Marathon bombings, President Obama told reporters today at a news briefing.


- Wireless carriers agree to support 911 calls, and researchers study disease tracking via Twitter.

The Administration's Plan to Reduce Gun Violence

- President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced 23 executive actions on gun control, including one that would require law enforcement to trace all guns recovered in criminal investigations.

Fusion Centers

- State-based intelligence fusion centers, partially financed by the federal government, have largely been a failure, according to a congressional subcommittee investigation.

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