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Access Control System

- What are end users looking for in an access control system? A white paper from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has the answers.

Industry News

- ASIS announces the winners of the Criscuoli, Bordes, and Merit Awards, and Bob Adkisson, CPP, PCI, PSP, is profiled.

ASIS and IACP Agree to Develop Information Sharing Programs

- ASIS International has signed an agreement with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to establish a formal partnership between the two associations with plans to develop educational and information sharing programs in the future.

Security's Worth Gets Tested in Tough Time

- How is the economic downturn affecting the security industry?

South Africa Investigates Rise in Illegal Security Firms

- The government body that regulates South Africa's private security industry is re-vetting everyone in their databases to weed out security professionals and companies that have a criminal record, reports the Independent Online.

Implementing the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Standard

- Edward Humphreys pens a good introduction to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for institutional IT security.

Industry News

- CSO Roundtable announces speakers, ASIS expands computer-based certification testing, and Scott Hewitt, CPP, is profiled.

Industry News

- ASIS collaborates to provide critical infrastructure resources, Ambassador Kai Eide wins ASIS security award, Brea Olinda High School wins ASIS funding competition, and Donald R. Green, CPP, is profiled.

Security Accountability

- A New Mexico-based security blog draws attention to lapses in enforcement in the security industry. Read it here.

Industry News

- ASIS teams up with other associations to issue a workplace violence standard and collaborate on risk management issues. Joy Creasy, PSP, discusses her company's support of certifications.

Industry News

- ASIS launches a new online PCI review program, the new members of the Professional Certification Board are named, and Mark Hargraves, CPP, is profiled.

Is the Downturn Cause for a Course Correction?

- To what extent shoud you change course in response to this recession?

Diversifying Security Technology

- Companies that develop technology for government or homeland security applications should be certain that their products also have private-sector uses.

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