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Morning Security Brief: North Korean Hackers, Body Bombs, Maritime Security, and More

- Cyberattacks on South Korea seem to be coming from North Korea. DHS warns of surgically implanted bombs. Equipment deployed to scan for radioactive material on ships. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Drone Race, Afghanistan Exit, Neo-Nazis, and More

- China races to build drones and the largest surveillance network. Why Israel is on terror watch list. Neo-Nazis try to hide in plain sight. And more.

Morning Security Brief: White House Counterterrorism Policy, Wiretaps, 'Bedroom' Hackers, and More

- The White House issues a counterterrorism policy statement. More wiretap applications being processed. A new app brings background checks to the palm of your hand. Google liable for wiretapping. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Heroine Control, Iran Supplying Weapons, TSA Duped, and More

- More Heroin being seized at the Southwest border. U.S. says Iran is still backing the insurgency in Iraq. And TSA is baffled at how a man was able to crisscross the country with fake boarding passes.

Morning Security Brief: Border Violence, Trusted Traveler, E-Verify Suggestions, And more

- DHS documents contradict claims of cartel violence in Arizona. Travelers are willing to pay to expedite screening at airports. Skeptics of E-Verify say that it will hurt the U.S. economy. The Chinese have a new drone. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Arizona Prisons, Human Error, Base Security, And More

- An audit of Arizona prisons shows chronic problems. LulzSec claims to have shut down. Base stickers scrapped to increase security. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Pakistan Nukes Secure, TSA Pat-Down Policy Revised, Cartel Leader Captured

- State Department says Pakistan nukes are safe. TSA pat-downs for children scaled back. Cartel leader captured. And more.

Afternoon Security Brief: Drug Testing Errors, Immigration Law Problems, Falsified Background Checks, and More

- Flawed drugs tests in Indiana revealed by independent audit. Background investigators cutting corners. And More.

Morning Security Brief: Cartel Collaboration, Secure Communities, Border Security, and More

- Mexican cartels sharing information and expertise with U.S. gangs. Federal authorities revamp Secure Communities initiative. National Guard tours on border extended. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Pentagon Lockdown, Al Qaeda Hit List, Tornado Tracker, and More.

- Authorities foil a plot at the Pentagon a day after news of an al Qaeda hit list. Private companies and defense contractors team up to track cyberattacks. New technology predicts the path of tornadoes. And more.

Morning Security Brief: ATF Criticized, Hospital Identity Theft, New Top at Al-Qaeda, and More.

- Fallout continues over ATF's "Gunwalker"program. A nurse who orders credit cards using patient intake information. A new top at al-Qaeda. And other news.

Morning Security Brief: Mobile Security, Big Brother Chicago, DIY Militias, and More

- Corporate security managers seek ways to secure mobile devices. A small village in Africa develops an effective self-defense strategy in lieu of government protection. Pakistan arrests informant who is believed to have helped CIA get Osama bin Laden. And more.

Morning Security Brief: 'Homegrown' Terrorists, Corruption and Border Protection, Prescription Drug Abuse, and More

- The second of seven jihadist arrested in North Carolina submits a guilty plea. Congress looks at problems with Customs and Border Protection corruption and internal investigations. Prescription drug abuse examined. And more.

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