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Public Education

- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's admninistration has launched a new lauched public education campaign for emergency preparedness, with local sports and music celebrities lending their names to the effort.

Smart Cards

- A new members-only organization has been created by the Smart Card Alliance to advance educational and professional development for smart card professionals. The program will also confer the Certified Smart Card Industry Professional designation on professionals who pass its examination.

Study of Bullies' Brains Shows Enjoyment of Inflicting Pain

- Bullies may get pleasure from the pain they inflict on bullies. That's the finding of a study reported in the current issue of the journal Biological Psychology,according to The National Science Foundation.

DHS and Sesame Street Teach Kids About Disaster Preparedness

- The Department of Homeland Security teams up with Sesame Workshop to bring disaster preparedness messages to young children.

Today’s Lesson: Tip Lines

- The key to school security is proactive intelligence gathering. A tip line can help.

Kindergarten Cop

- Department of Justice Office (COPS) examines how to recruit, screen, train, retain, and supervise school resource officer.

Academic Consortium

- National Academic Consortium for Homeland Security formed to help improve U.S. and worldwide security.

Did You Know That?

- All 97,000 public schools in the United States are expected to receive hazard-warning radios, free of charge, from the Department of Homeland Security.

Getting Ahead in IT

- If you are an IT security professional or are interested in becoming one, you’ll find a new career guide issued by (ISC)2 to be a helpful resource. The guide describes the types of jobs available (including typical job titles) and explores the various areas of expertise within information security, as well as educational requirements, technical skills needed, salary ranges, and the certifications that can help you advance your career. The guide also includes a list of schools offering IT security curricula and relevant professional associations. @ Career Guide: Decoding the Information Security Profession is at SM Online.

Why? By Charles Tilly

- From the ancient philosophers to today’s bloggers, men and women have asked, “Why?” This book asks that same momentous question, but not toward the end of philosophical or religious understanding.

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