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A Guide to the 2004 ASIS Exhibits

- Check out the exhibitors at the ASIS International 50th Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Intelligence Reform

- The majority of respondents to an online Security Management poll approve of the government initiative to establish a National Intelligence Director (NID) and a National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Opinion was divided, however, on the 9-11 Commission's call to make intelligence funding levels public.

Industry Focus

- The ASIS Publishing Department rolls out new offerings, and ASIS bestows various awards.

2004 Security Management Index

- Save this handy listing of topics covered in the magazine this year.

Security Solutions: ASIS International 53rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits

- Attendees at the ASIS International 53rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits heard hundreds of educational sessions. Here are the highlights.

The Earnings Factor

- The ASIS International 2004 U.S. Employment Survey reveals the latest trends in salaries, budgets, and education for the security profession.

Forging Ahead for Group Goals

- Daniel J. Consalvo, CPP, the 2005 ASIS International president, sees several important issues on the board of directors' short list.

Industry Focus

- ASIS offers Global Terror Conference in Arlington, Virginia, in March, European conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, in April.

Sweetheart Deal

- Please take ten minutes to fill out the 24-question survey, by going to and clicking on the Salary Survey icon. (Members who have given their e-mail address to ASIS may have already received an e-mail with this link.) All information submitted is confidential. Results are only reported in the aggregate of industries and regions. The deadline for responses is February 28.

ASIS Product Showcase

- If you missed the annual ASIS event in Las Vegas, check out the best of the show floor here.

Identifying and Exploring Security Essentials

- An associate professor of criminal justice, Mary Clifford has written a lengthy text that would be especially useful to students pursuing a career in security management. Chapters conclude with discussion and review questions designed to help readers understand the terms and concepts presented. These exercises and the practice scenarios contained in the book are best when considered in a group or classroom setting with an opportunity for feedback.

Industry Focus

- ASIS chapters and leaders are honored; Corey Way, PSP, is profiled.

Security Management: An Introduction. Second Edition.

- It’s a pleasant surprise, then, that this introductory book is tight and on point—an efficient use of reading time. Intended to assist in preparation for the CPP exam, the book introduces learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, followed by well-explained concepts and concise examples. Each chapter ends with a useful list of key terms and extremely beneficial discussion questions and exercises.

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