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Security in Tough Times

- Companies will need to optimize interdepartmental budget sharing, share security-related tasks, and even outsource to keep a nimble security strategy during the current recession, a new report recommends.

It's All About Risk

- To ensure that information is protected, companies must make software and system security a priority at the outset of a project.

Transportation Security

- An academic-style textbook that provides a sound overview of transportation security  fundamentals, whether for aspiring security professionals or anyone affected by transportation security concerns.

Indian Firms Begin to Invest in Security Services After Mumbai

- Business firms generally have a hard time justifying significant investment in security and terrorism insurance, but Indian firms are beginning to realize how important it can be after the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

Changing Priorities

- Information security professionals will play a more strategic role in the future, according to a study from the London-based Information Security Forum. They’ll also spend more time predicting future threats and less time ensuring regulatory compliance.

Homeland Security Must Emphasize IT and Data Security, Leaders Say

- Post-9-11 efforts may be thwarting physical terrorist attack plots but, going forward, the nation must focus on protecting its IT assets and key intellectual property.

Introduction to Security, Eighth Edition

- A core book for ASIS International certifications, the text covers the full gamut of security topics concisely in a well-presented, easy-to-read format.

America's Fire and Security Expo 2008

- Selected products from America's Fire and Security Expo 2008, July 29-31, Miami Beach Convention Center

The Sentinel CEO: Perspectives on Security, Risk, and Leadership in a Post-9/11 World

- Risk-based, integrated security is a prerequisite for growth, argues a former CEO.

Security Convergence: Managing Enterprise Security Risk

- The text is an eye-opener for security professionals unfamiliar with the parallels between the dual disciplines of physical and logical security.

Global Security Software Spending Could Hit $10.5 Billion This Year

- Gartner Inc. forecasts spending on security software this year to increase 11 percent over 2007.

Encyclopedia of Security Management, Second Edition

- In today’s rapidly expanding and increasingly complex security environment, practitioners need all the help they can get. Because of that, there is an ever-increasing tendency to call outside consultants who specialize in specific fields for their advice and counsel.  This book will save security professionals both phone calls and consultant fees, placing the experts’ know-how within reach.

Salaries Up for Top Spot

- New salary data collected by the Foushée Group in cooperation with the International Security Management Association (ISMA) indicates that top corporate security executives earned 11 percent more in total cash compensation in 2004 than they did the year before. This rise parallels the results of the latest ASIS International salary survey, reported in Security Management in January. The ASIS survey showed salaries among security managers increasing by 13 percent from the year before; about half of the 339 respondents to the ASIS survey filled the top security slot in their organizations. According to the Foushée survey, top security executives make more than $250,000 a year in total cash compensation.

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