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G8 and G20 Summits Yield Close Calls, Constitutional Controversy

- The latest G8 and G20 global economic summits wrapped up in Toronto and nearby Huntsville, Ontario, Canada over the weekend, amid the largest mass arrests in the country's history, and the troubling revelation that two protesters were caught emerging from a city manhole, according to press reports.

TSA Needs to Conduct Risk Assessments for Transportation Systems, GAO Says

- The Transportation Security Administration has received another congressional tongue lashing after a new report detailed its continued inability to conduct comprehensive risk assessments across the transportation sectors it's responsible for securing.

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- Learn how a racetrack revamped its fire system during renovations. Companies need to be aware of their duty of care. How your face can bolster computer security. A new disaster management framework promotes long-term recovery.

The Character of Harms: Operational Challenges in Control

- Security professionals, argues Sparrow, should concentrate on building up the "good" rather than reducing the "bad."

Security Budgets

- Budgets for acquiring new security technology are recovering, according to two new Forrester Research reports (here and here). Forty-two percent of larger businesses and 37 percent of small and medium-sized organizations expect such spending to increase at least 5 percent in 2010.

Morning Security Brief: Cyberwarfare, DHS' Contractor Bloat, Terrorism's Double Standard, Full Body Scanners

- Bush's former top spy tells Senate committee that the United States would lose a cyberwar. Contractors outnumber federal employees at DHS. Is there a double standard in defining what acts constitute terrorism? Seattle transit tunnel will receive new security firm in future. New full body scanners set to deploy to O'Hare and Logan airports.

New Year's Podcast

- Join host Laura Spadanuta as she talks with security professionals and SM editors about the January 2010 issue.

Lessons for Layering

- Having multiple layers of security without a clear strategy can create complexities that increase, rather than reduce, vulnerabilities. Here's what you need to know to avoid such problems.

Women in the Security Sector

- Women are rising to the top of the security industry, a sector often seen as male-dominated. (Online Exclusive)

Obama: Limited Number of Gitmo Detainees Will Go to Rural Illinois Prison

- President Barack Obama today will order the federal government to purchase a rural Illinois prison to house a limited number of suspected terrorists currently detained at the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Security in India

- Security challenges of doing business in India are discussed in this online exclusive feature by Nick Smith and Scott Shaw, who share firsthand experiences and offer recommendations for others.

Companies and NGOs Show Support for Information Sharing at OSAC Briefing

- Security professionals for U.S. companies and nongovernmental organizations operating in foreign countries gathered at the State Department today for an annual briefing held by the federal government to share information on global threats and risks facing U.S. private interests.

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