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Always Room for Improvement

- Hotels face a range of risks from petty crime to stalking, murder, and terrorism. As incidents occur, they cull lessons and continuously adjust security programs to maximize protection while still remaining hospitable.

Introduction to Security: Operations and Management, Third Edition

- This introductory text covers material ranging from the history of private security to contemporary principles and practices--sometimes, too quickly.

Mastering Mass Transit

- Transit and coach bus operators are getting on board and tackling security vulnerabilities which range from the threat of stolen vehicles and fraud to terrorism.

Mid-Tier Companies Get Love, and Other Trends

- Mid-size companies get love and other trends shaping security for 2011.

Hospital and Healthcare Security, Fifth Edition

- The fifth edition of a classic text,  with updates and revisions based on the changing landscape of hospital and healthcare security.

Effective Personal and Corporate Security

- While Effective Personal and Corporate Security may be of value to those visiting Nigeria, it won't be of much value to security professionals looking for practical security solutions.

How Dallas Does Security

- As security professionals gather in Dallas for the ASIS International 56th Annual Seminar and Exhibits, we look at how the Dallas/Fort Worth area does security proud from its downtown public-private partnerships to its impressive Cowboys Stadium.

CSO Roundtable Keynote Speaker Talks Security in Brazil Ahead of 2016 Olympics

- Neil Fergus, chief executive of Intelligent Risks, talks opportunities and risks in Brazil as well as the upcoming CSO Roundtable Latin American Summit in Rio de Janeiro this December

Public and Private Security Organizations Issue Warnings About Upcoming Koran Burning Event

- Public and private security organizations worldwide have issued security warnings in anticipation of a Koran-burning ceremony organized by a fringe evangelical preacher in Gainesville, Florida, on the ninth anniversary of 9-11.(UPDATE: Pastor agrees to cancel event.)

GAO Finds Facility Security Committees Undermine Security at Federal Buildings

- The committees responsible for making security decisions at federal buildings do not have the security knowledge necessary to choose the appropriate measures to safeguard their facilities, according to the Government Accountability Office.

The Vexing Problem of Culture in Managing Security Globally

- Multinational corporations must the weigh the delicate balance between their security culture, their industry's security culture, and the security culture of where they do business.

Pay for Performance

- Despite the economy's difficulties, the security profession's compensation levels seem to be rebounding.

Threats in the Mail

- Suspicious letters sent to Baltimore officials have raised questions about U.S. Postal Service procedures for dealing with potentially threatening mail.

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