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Managing Security Overseas: Protecting Employees and Assets in Volatile Regions

- The book is aimed at entry-level security personnel or those with little or no experience in the international arena of unstable or volatile countries.

Is Your Security In Fine Whack?

- Sometimes the power of language is in how easily it can mislead us.

Enhancing Human Performance in Security Operations—International and Law Enforcement Perspectives

- Experts from military and law enforcement weigh in on security’s human side.

Pentagon Assures Tenants That Mark Center Is Safe and Sound

- In a letter issued last week, the Pentagon's top security official has assured tenants at the newly opened Mark Center that the building is safe after media reports questioned its ability to withstand a terrorist bombing.

Morning Security Brief: Chicago's Transparency Initiative, Tasers in Jail, Computer-Based Combat, And More

- Chicago plans to make public millions of crime stats. Milwaukee jail staff will receive Tasers. U.S. General warns of computer-based combat. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Subcommittee Overhaul, Anonymous Hacker Speaks, Wikileaks, and More

- 9-11 Commission knocks homeland security subcommittees on duplication of efforts. Cisco interviews an Anonymous hacker. Wikileaks posts all 250,000 cables unredacted. And more.

Security: An Introduction

- For a long time, the security profession has lacked a comprehensive text addressing the fundamentals of protecting people, assets, and organizations. Reviewer David Sayer says Security: An Introduction is that book.

Security's Successful Operation

- How one hospital's security department gave itself a checkup and developed a regimen for improving performance.

Violence and Security on Campus: From Preschool Through College

- Violence and Security on Campus is a comprehensive blueprint that stakeholders can use to plan for and deter acts of school violence.

Always Room for Improvement

- Hotels face a range of risks from petty crime to stalking, murder, and terrorism. As incidents occur, they cull lessons and continuously adjust security programs to maximize protection while still remaining hospitable.

Introduction to Security: Operations and Management, Third Edition

- This introductory text covers material ranging from the history of private security to contemporary principles and practices--sometimes, too quickly.

Mastering Mass Transit

- Transit and coach bus operators are getting on board and tackling security vulnerabilities which range from the threat of stolen vehicles and fraud to terrorism.

Mid-Tier Companies Get Love, and Other Trends

- Mid-size companies get love and other trends shaping security for 2011.

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