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How to Recruit and Retain Quality Security Employees

- One of the greatest challenges for any security director is finding and retaining the right people to fill security positions. The keys to success are to know how to attract and interview candidates and then how to engender loyalty among those who join the team. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Physicians Urged to Use 'See Something, Say Something’ Approach to Disease Surveillance

- The Virginia Department of Health sent a letter to clinicians last week urging them to report suspected communicable diseases before getting laboratory confirmation.


- One company’s painful embezzlement incident can provide lessons for security managers in recognizing and preventing fraud.

CHART: Cyber-Risk Control Practices of Top Management

- How boards & senior executives are managing cyber risks.

Book Review: The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management: How to Manage the Media in the Digital Age

- During a crisis situation, security professionals, corporate and public officials, and law enforcement representatives must know how best to work with the media to disseminate information to the public. Jane Jordan-Meier’s book takes up this issue in an informative and comprehensive way.

Case Study

- With the help of federal grant funds, a house of worship is protected with cameras, access control, and an intercom system.

Security Audit Secrets

- Using a simplified version of one of Six Sigma’s two project methodologies combined with its audit tools can generate outstanding results.

Security Management for Sports and Special Events

- The book is thoughtfully organized and well-written, with pertinent historical examples. It also discusses current best practices, including useful technology.

Miracles and Wonder, Past and Present

- As we incorporate the best of technology with next month’s fully digital edition, which will be replete with multimedia maps, charts, video, and audio interactivity, we’ll still deliver the same high-quality information you expect.

Is It Foolish to Fool Yourself?

- Fooling yourself, which sounds like a road to disaster, may be the key to becoming a truly innovative leader.

Contemporary Security Management, Third Edition

- The book is highly recommended as a textbook and reference that will be useful for some time.

Happy Holidays and Top Stories From 2011

- Security Management Online will be on holiday hiatus and will not be posting new content until the New Year. Please accept our best wishes for the holidays and the New Year. Click through to see what stories were most popular during 2011.


- Security managers can use a project management approach to develop effective, enforceable policies.

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