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ObjectVideo Files Suit With The ITC To Protect Patents

- ObjectVideo filed a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission against three major companies for patent infringement June 30. A favorable judgment from the ITC would stop Samsung, Bosch, and Sony from selling products with the technology in question in the United States.

Blueprint For Safer Buildings

- The key to protection for government facilities is a comprehensive site design that views the new building, its campus, and the surrounding neighborhood as an integrated space.

Ditching Decals Won't Affect Base Security, Officials Say

- There’s been some buzz this week among military communities after military officials announced earlier this month that they were doing away with vehicles decals at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Officials say having a decal makes service members and their families targets for violence. But now that the decals are gone, what changes can service members expect from base security?

AMBER Alerts

- The AMBER Alert program has helped recover more than 500 children since 1996. Because the first three hours after an abduction are the most critical for recovering a child, AMBER Alerts are designed to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Find out how to sign up for cell phone and Facebook AMBER alerts.


- A new ASIS Foundation CRISP report takes a look at the problem of fatigue, and how it can particularly affect those in security positions.

How Your Outdoor Surveillance System Can SeeThrough Mother Nature's Wrath

- Mother Nature can be a nightmare for those setting up outdoor surveillance systems. Here's a look at how you can get the best out of your system.

The Professional Protection Officer: Practical Security Strategies and Emerging Threats

- A new, improved, and expanded version of the International Foundation for Protection Officers' 1986 original.

VIP Protection: Keeping Security Out of the Limelight

- As the BP oil spill demonstrated, private security should never become part of the story. In January's online exclusive, security professional David L. Johnson outlines how executive protection agents can manage the press so each can go about their craft without confrontation.

VIP Protection: Why Guards Have to Be Media Savvy

- Learning how to navigate the frenzied waters of today's press corps is a critical part of executive protection today.

VIP Press Coverage and Executive Protection

- Protective services agents play a greater role in how their VIP is perceived by the press than they know. Here are some tips for how protective service agents can ensure that the press gets access without endangering the VIP, so everyone can do their job. (Online Exclusive)  

State Legislation: Hawaii: Guard Training

- A new law (formerly S.B. 2165) in Hawaii sets out training, testing, and continuing education requirements for security guards and those “acting in a guard capacity.” Before starting work as a security guard, individuals must complete eight hours of classroom instruction, pass a written exam, and undergo four hours of on-the-job training. All guards must also undergo a federal criminal background check.

Private Security and the Investigative Process, Third Edition

- Private Security and the Investigative Process is an eclectic mix of resources for the security novice that feels dated.

Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge

- Talbot and Jakeman's text on enterprise security risk management correctly emphasizes that security must transistion from a cost center to a profit center.

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