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VIP Press Coverage and Executive Protection

- Protective services agents play a greater role in how their VIP is perceived by the press than they know. Here are some tips for how protective service agents can ensure that the press gets access without endangering the VIP, so everyone can do their job. (Online Exclusive)  

State Legislation: Hawaii: Guard Training

- A new law (formerly S.B. 2165) in Hawaii sets out training, testing, and continuing education requirements for security guards and those “acting in a guard capacity.” Before starting work as a security guard, individuals must complete eight hours of classroom instruction, pass a written exam, and undergo four hours of on-the-job training. All guards must also undergo a federal criminal background check.

Private Security and the Investigative Process, Third Edition

- Private Security and the Investigative Process is an eclectic mix of resources for the security novice that feels dated.

Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge

- Talbot and Jakeman's text on enterprise security risk management correctly emphasizes that security must transistion from a cost center to a profit center.

Is the Security Industry Shooting in the Dark? Lessons from Florida

- A study of security officer firearms discharges in the state of Florida demonstrate armed security officers need more demanding training. (Online Exclusive)

Training Course Review: Predictive Profiling

- A profiling training course that requires a level of personal awareness that most people do not have on a day-to-day level.

RAND Maps Police and Security Worker Concentrations Nationwide

- A new mapping tool could help U.S. police departments target population areas packed with security workers for more efficient recruiting efforts, according to its developer, the RAND Corporation.

Online Review: Advance: The Guide for Conducting a Protective Security Advance

- An overview of the most important and useful skill performed by a protective services agent.

Partnering Against Anarchy

- An on-the-ground report of how a public-private partnership between police and private security protected Toronto's downtown area from greater damage during Black Bloc anarchist riots during the G20 Summit. (Online Exclusive)  

Beyond the Bodyguard: Proven Tactics and Dynamic Strategies for Protective Practices Success

- Despite a lack of how-to detail, Beyond the Bodyguard is comprehensive, well researched, and detailed.

Viewpoint: Safe Rooms are a Safe Investment

- A corporate safe room is the best investment a company can make to protect its most valuable assets: its executives. (Online Exclusive)

Security Lies Beneath: The Case for Corporate Safe Rooms

- A corporate safe room is the best investment a company can make to protect its most valuable assets: its executives. (Online Exclusive)

The Character of Harms: Operational Challenges in Control

- Security professionals, argues Sparrow, should concentrate on building up the "good" rather than reducing the "bad."

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