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State Department Says Commercial Ships Should Use Armed Guards for Protection

- The UN Security Council on Tuesday adopted a resolution calling for members to cooperate with the Somali government to use “all necessary means” to combat piracy. The State Department has suggested private security protect ships in dangerous waters.

Effective Security Management

- This well-structured book can be used as a security professional’s template for setting up and organizing effective security operations in virtually any setting.

Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations, and Open-Source Intelligence

- Edward J. Appel, CEO of iName­Check, has written a primer for today’s security professionals covering the ins and outs of Internet vetting, data mining, and intelligence gathering.

Military Contractors

- ASIS International is developing a standard to help guide private security contractors operating in areas with weakened rule of law. Learn more about the standard as well as other related private security guidelines online.

Book Review: Preventing Crowd Violence

- In "Preventing Crowd Violence," editors Tamara D. Madensen and Johannes Knutsson have collected a compendium of advice from international police and behavioral experts.

Book Review - Private Security in the 21st Century: Concepts and Applications

- This work is something of a paradox. It has some very impressive strengths but these are accompanied by glaring deficiencies, says reviewer Chris Hertig.

Morning Security Brief: Security Contractors, A Warning to Pakistan, Adobe Bug Fixed, and More

- A town replaces it law enforcement with private security. The U.S. delivers a warning to Pakistan. Adobe says that it has fixed a bug in Flash Player that allowed hackers to spy on customers. And more.

Vulnerability Management

- Overall, this book provides excellent guidance for the information security practitioner and the network security engineer, as well as those who need an understanding of the strategic significance of vulnerabilities and reasons for their control.

Police Launch Social Media Initiative to Identify London Rioters

- The London Metropolitan Police are posting images captured by CCTV footage to social media Web sites to identify rioters.

Top 10 Performing Security Industry Stocks for May


The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management, Third Edition

- This tome builds on the foundation laid by its two earlier editions, assembling the collective wisdom of 38 experts from around the world in the field of business continuity planning.

Opposition Party Candidates Often Left Unprotected During Campaigns

- Governments will typically put up the money to protect incumbents during campaigns, but they are often slow to protect candidates of opposition parties. Taiwan's opposition party is questioning why, after two shootings, its candidates won't be given armored vehicles.

Former Women’s Prison To Become International Corrections Training Center

- A $1.5 million grant will turn the former Colorado Women’s Correctional Facility into a first-of-its-kind training center for international corrections officials from countries where the prison systems are still developing or plagued with problems.

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