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Criminal Interrogation and Confessions

- Most in the security and law enforcement fields would agree that publications by Fred Inbau and John Reid are typically recognized as being authoritative. The latest publication, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, Fifth Edition by Inbau and Reid as well as Joseph Buckley and Brian Jayne is no exception.

Morning Security Brief: Bin Laden Anniversary Warning, A Social Network for Former Extremists, Iran’s Cyber-strength, and More

- DHS warns of violence for the anniversary of bin Laden’s death. A social network for former extremists launches. Experts discuss whether Iran is a cyberthreat. And more.

ASIS International Introduces World’s First Standard to Support the Code of Conduct for Private Security Service

- ASIS received ANSI approval for its standard, Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations.

Maritime Security Provider Calls for Inquiry into Viral Video

- A viral video of a security team firing on what is said to be Somali pirates approaching a vessel has caught the attention of a DC-area security firm who is now calling for an investigation into the incident.

Training That's On Target

- A weapons-training program for officers who will be armed should go well beyond the basics both in the classroom and on the range.

From the Archive: VIP Press Coverage and Executive Protection

- Protective services agents play a greater role in how their VIP is perceived by the press than they know. Here are some tips from the January 2011 edition of Security Management for how protective service agents can ensure that the press gets access without endangering the VIP, so everyone can do their job.

SuperSize Security

- A partnership of public and private security organizations began developing a game plan for securing Super Bowl XXXII before the first kickoff of the 1997 NFL season.

Book Review: Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security

- Daniel Solove, a professor at George Washington University’s Law School addresses the issue with great detail and insight.

Fighting Butterfly Effects with Starfish Resilience

- Preparing for the decade ahead.

Book Review: Broker, Trader, Law­yer, Spy: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage

- The chief contribution of this book to the body of literature on corporate espionage is a unique examination of individuals who straddle the public and private sectors in the practice of their tradecraft.

Editor's Note: Is It Foolish to Fool Yourself?

- Fooling yourself, which sounds like a road to disaster, may be the key to becoming a truly innovative leader.

Morning Security Brief: Video Analytics, Videoconferencing Vulnerable to Hackers, Security Violations at Nuclear Lab, and More

- TSA says new video analytics system is 100 percent accurate. Videoconference setups are often unsecured, says a security researcher. Multiple security violations are being investigated at Oak Ridge Laboratory. And more.

Is It Foolish to Fool Yourself?

- Fooling yourself, which sounds like a road to disaster, may be the key to becoming a truly innovative leader.

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