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- The percentage increase in funding for U.S. border security efforts since the year 2000.

Security Offensive

- Learn about the six common attributes of the most successful companies that best align security with business objectives.

The Derby’s Unbridled Security

- More than 150,000 spectators watch the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Security weeds out pickpockets, purse-snatchers, and the unruly—and is ready for any more serious problems that could disrupt the race.

You Be the Judge

- Courthouse security gets spotlighted by the media after an incident occurs, but are courts making sure that security shines even when reporters aren’t looking?

Vulnerability Assessment of Physical Protection Systems

- No security professional involved at any level in the VA process for physical protection systems can afford to operate without this field manual.

Airport Screening

- Why aren’t more airports opting out of using federal screeners? Read about the issue in a report from the Government Accountability Office.

Patrolling Performance

- Find out how this school fixed a problem it had with poor performance among its guards, some of whom never even carried out their patrols.


- A Booz Allen Hamilton survey finds that companies will pay top dollar to outsourcing partners that emphasize security.

Business News

- In company news, Docklands Light Railway installs mobile surveillance. In ASIS news, keynote speakers are set for San Diego, and ASIS releases a guideline on workplace violence.

Body armor

- A bill (H.B. 1858) currently pending before Massachusetts lawmakers would require that security officers working at special events or on premises that serve alcohol be provided body armor for protection. The body armor would be paid for by the employer.

Decoding the Digital Picture

- A look at some of the integral aspects of surveillance systems to help security directors make informed decisions.

The Handbook of Security

- A collection of separate essays on security studies from the most eminent security scholars today.

Security Officers and Policing: Powers, Culture, and Control in the Governance of Private Space

- Examine the differences between the powers enjoyed by police officers and those available to private security guards under British law and how well guards themselves understand those differences.

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