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Crate Expectations for Cargo Security Strategy

- In a draft national cargo security strategy, the Department of Homeland Security sets a "zero-tolerance policy" toward the arrival of weapons of mass destruction at U.S. borders. The goal is to inspect 100 percent of "designated high-risk" cargo.

Report: Border Security Shoddy at Land Ports of Entry

- The Government Accountability Office reports traveler inspections at land ports are weak.

Security of Enhanced Driver’s Licenses Questioned

- Critics say the RFID chips embedded within the licenses are better suited for tracking cargo, not verifying people's identity.

C-TPAT: Ship-Shape or Shipped Out

- The future of C-TPAT.

Canada's Porous Border

- The country's auditor general says border security may be as bad as it was 20 years ago.

Tuberculosis Infected Man Crossed Border 76 Times

- For the second time this year, a highly contagious man with TB has eluded Customs and Border Protection.

Congress Takes Another Look at Sanctuary Cities

- The Senate has defeated a proposed bill amendment that would withhold funds from sanctuary cities.

Judge Says No to Social Security No-Match Letters

- Judge rules no-match letters would unfairly discriminate against legal workers and cause business disruptions.

Passports and Visas

- Passport and visa security are highlighted in a July report on border security by the government’s watchdog. Recommendations address taking better advantage of security features in the future.

Border Security

- The Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, signed into law (P.L. 109-90) by President Bush in October, contains $940 million for border security initiatives, including 1,500 new border patrol agents and expanded detention capacity.

DHS Extends Border Fencing 145 Miles

- The department completed its goal of laying down 70 miles of fencing by the end of September.

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