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Explosives Detector

- One Resonance Sensors, LLC, has introduced a new portable electronics scanner that detects explosives hidden in mobile devices. The MobiLab ES uses chemical-specific radio-frequency technology to provide safe and fast de­tection of explosives and precursors in mobile phones, chargers, and other de­vices. The screening system provides airport security checkpoints the ability to quickly inspect electronic items. The inspector places the electronic device into the detection cavity and presses the “inspect” button. A response of “alarm” or “clear” is provided in seconds. Minimal training is required to use the scanner, and it is self-calibrating.

Letter Bomb Detector

- Huebner GmbH of Kassel, Germany, has introduced the T-COGNITION system, which uses terahertz technology to detect illegal substances in letters or parcels without having to open them.


- The BearCat EOD BombCat armored response vehicle from Lenco Industries, Inc., of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is designed for explosive ordnance disposal and improvised explosive device disposal teams.


- CINTEC North America of Baltimore, Maryland, offers the Waterwall System to protect people and infrastructure. The Suspicious Object Isolator sequesters potentially explosive devices that may be found in an airport or other public place.


- The RadSeeker is a new hand-held radiation detector from Smiths Detection of Danbury, Con­nect­icut. The compact unit can identify radiological and nuclear threats for applications including search operations, border vehicle screening, and cargo security.

Explosives Detection

- Morpho Detection, Inc., of Newark, California, announced that its CTX 9800 DSi explosives detection system has been certified by the Transportation Security Administration in a high-speed configuration that pro­cesses 40 percent more bags than its previously certified system. It provides high-resolution imaging us­ing the Clarity data acquisition system.

Bomb Detection

- The Cellular Cargo Bomb Scanner CBS 7.72 Series from Homeland Security Strategies of White Plains, New York, detects bombs in boats, trucks, warehouses, and stationary facilities.

Passenger Screening

- Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc., of Lake Mary, Florida, has introduced a passenger-screening device that uses passive millimeter wave technology to detect metallic and nonmetallic items concealed in a person’s clothing.

Liquid Screener

- The Fido ClearPoint Bottled Liquid Screener is designed to rapidly screen liquids in various containers without opening them.

Liquid Identification

- Link Microtek Ltd. of Basingstoke, United Kingdom, has introduced a new liquid-identification system. The EMILI 1+ uses microwave sensing to instantly identify whether the contents of a bottle are inflammable, corrosive, explosive, or harmless.

Explosives Detection

- Designed for use at passenger security checkpoints for screening of carry-on baggage, the IONSCAN 500DT from Smiths Detection of Pine Brook, New Jersey, is an advanced explosives detector that can detect trace amounts of explosive substances from a single sample in a matter of seconds.

Explosives Mitigation

- ITT Advanced Engineering & Sciences of Alexandria, Virginia, has developed the Explosive Suppression System, a two-man portable device designed to protect bystanders from hand-carried explosives. The device suppresses the three most dangerous effects of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and munitions: fragmentation, blast pressure, and fireball.

Explosives Detection

- Smiths Detection of Pine Brook, New Jersey, has launched a hand-held vapor detector for volatile chemicals commonly used in homemade bombs.

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