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TSA on Track with Canine Explosive Detection Teams

- If TSA continues to meet its goals, the GAO says 720 canine explosive detection teams should be patrolling airports and mass transit systems in 2009.

States are Preparing for Medical Surge, Says GAO

- States are bolstering their medical surge capacity to handle mass casualty events, but many face difficulties drawing up altered medical care plans that may decide who lives and who dies.

Report: DoD's Oversight of Contractor Security is Weak

- Congress's watchdog finds that the Defense Security Service has failed to catalogue agency contractors, doesn't track classified data violations, and is slow to inform contracting agencies when violations occur.

DHS Fails to Prioritize Its Own IT Assets for Protection

- DHS's inspector general calls for establishment of a new office to set priorities for protection of the agency's critical IT assets.

Government Purchase Cards Abused, Says GAO

- Congress's watchdog agency reports widespread improper and fraudulent use of government purchase cards.

State Department's Antiterrorism Assistance Lacks Guidance and Accurate Reporting

- The Government Accountability Office worries a lack of guidance and assessment when funding foreign counterterrorism programs, on top of incomplete and inaccurate reports, may hamper foreign country counterterrorism capabilities.

Budget and Staffing Cuts Hurt Federal Protective Service

- A string of embarrassing security lapses and failures has shaken faith in the FPS's ability to police and protect federal property.

Report: Pentagon Mismanaged IED Funding

- The government's top watchdog agency says the Pentagon isn't keeping proper track of the more than $1 billion spent each year to fight IEDs overseas.

Enforcing Window Standards

- Standards for blast-resistant window testing prove confusing.

Runway Safety

- Government agencies responsible for aviation security, reports the GAO, must address leadership and technology problems to prevent accidents on airport runways.

GAO Criticizes IRS' Information Security Weaknesses

- For the second time, the GAO says the IRS must implement an agencywide information security program to shore up information security weaknesses.

IT Technology Primer

- A buyers guide for managers who need to understand security technologies is now available from the General Accounting Office (GAO). The guide focuses on five technology areas: access controls, system integrity, cryptography, audit and monitoring, and configuration management and assurance.

Border Disorder

- America's vulnerabilities at the border keep growing, but experts say securing the U.S.-Canada border is both financially prohibitive and practically impossible.

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