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Most U.S. Naval Bases Do Not Have Antiterrorism Plan, Internal Report Says

- An internal audit of U.S. naval bases says most installations have not developed an antiterrorism plan in violation of a Navy directive given after 9-11, according to the Navy Times.

Worker Productivity

- How do employees at the Transportation Security Administration spend their time? Half the time the agency doesn’t know because they don’t track it, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Strategies for Protecting Intellectual Property

- Criminal counterfeiting and piracy cost domestic companies an estimated $200 to $250 billion a year in lost revenues, according to a new publication from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

NAS: Nation's Forensic Sciences Need Overhaul

- The state of forensic science in the United States, which helps to convict or acquit alleged criminals in court, needs to be overhauled, according to a report released by the National Academy of Sciences' National Research Council.

IG: Pentagon Did Not Properly Account for Weapons Tranfers

- A new report from the Defense Department's inspector general criticizes the agency for not only losing track of surplus weapons provided to friendly foreign governments, but also sending weapons to governments not authorized to receive them.

Active Shooter

- How to handle an active shooter situation is the subject of two new guidelines: One targets retail establishments; the other, released by the Department of Homeland Security, targets a more general audience of managers and employees.

Lab Security

- Two U.S. laboratories that handle the world’s deadliest germs do not have proper perimeter security controls, according to the Government Accountability Office. In one instance, an unidentified individual entered one of the facilities through its unguarded loading dock.

DHS Inspector General Criticizes TSA Controls of Screener Badges, Uniforms, and ID Cards

- The Inspector General's report said the TSA had to improve its controls over its security officers' badges, uniforms, and ID cards before a security breach occurred.

2009 Homeland Security Appropriations Breakdown

- A rundown of highlights from the $40 billion homeland security appropriations recently signed into law by President Bush.

Personal Information

- Whether the government is doing enough to protect personal information was debated at a congressional hearing. Read the testimony and a related Government Accountability Office report.

U.S. Lacks Comprehensive Cybersecurity Warning Capability, Report Says

- The Government Accountability Office says that US-CERT lacks a comprehensive capability to create "warnings that are consistently actionable and timely."

Leaked GAO Report Criticizes ASP Radiation Detection Machines

- The GAO reports that DHS' next-generation radiation machines may cost $3.8 billion over a decade to implement, 81 percent higher than what was originally quoted.

Government Report Finds Fault with Chemical Safety Board

- The CSB is investigating far fewer accidents than is required by law, constituting an "investigative gap," according to a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report.

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