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Report Urges Government Involvement in Privacy Protection

- The federal government should play a larger role in protecting consumer privacy, according to a recent report issued by the GAO. The report deals specifically with location data, which is collected from smartphone users by companies offering location-based services.

Morning Security Brief: Copyright Reform, Fake Photos, and Counterfeit Driver's Licenses

- An Australian study advocates copyright reform, new software can determine whether a photo is fake, and a government report finds that counterfeit documents remain the weak link in fraudulent driver's licenses.

GAO: Agencies Should Address Drone Security and Privacy Concerns

- Congress's watchdog says federal agencies should address drone privacy and security concerns sooner rather than later.

GAO: Bureaucratic Hurdles Slow Down Counter-IED Progress in Pakistan

- A U.S. counter-IED strategy along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border has suffered due to bureaucratic challenges between the U.S. and Pakistan, says a new GAO report.

CIA Releases Cache of Al Qaeda, 9-11 Docs

- The CIA has released 800 pages of newly declassified documents on al Qaeda and the September 11 attacks in response to a Freedom of Information request from a national security blog.

Morning Security Brief: TSA Breaches, Stop and Frisk, Cybersecurity Information Sharing, and More

- TSA managers not reporting half of security breaches to headquarters. The NYPD reports an increase in stop and frisk searches. The DoD is looking for contractors to participate in a cybersecurity information-sharing program. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Canada Releases Counterterrorism Strategy, Text to 911, VOIP Hack Racks Up $30k Bill, and More

- Canada's counterterrorism strategy names radical Islam as number one threat. Ohio county introducing 911 feature that can receive SMS and pictures. A small company discovers that hackers around the world had been using its IP telephone setup. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Air Marshal Discrimination, Immigration Reform, Super Bowl Security, and More

- Investigation concludes a hostile work environment doesn't exist at the Federal Air Marshal Service, even though air marshals believe it does. DHS urges the passage of the DREAM Act to help with immigration problems. Security at the Super Bowl. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Cloud Security Flaw, Airport Security, Investigating Worker's Comp, and More

- Hackers reveal a major flaw in cloud security. Private pilots in Denver say federal security regulations stifle business. Government agencies use surveillance to investigate worker's comp. And more.

Homeland Security

- A Government Accountability Office report evaluates the Department of Homeland Security’s progress in implementing its homeland security programs.

Pandemic Planning

- Pandemic planning and information sharing among government agencies and stakeholders paid off during the H1N1 scare, says a new Government Accountability Office report. However, the report also found that the government’s credibility diminished when vaccine supplies did not meet public expectations.

GAO Report Examines State Department Cybersecurity Risk Software

- The State Department is at the forefront of federal efforts to develop continuous monitoring capabilities for computer networks.

GAO: More Protection For Whistleblowers Could Help Combat Antitrust Crime

- Antitrust violators who report themselves are offered leniency, but whistleblowers are left unprotected.

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