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Sexual Harassment

- A hospital was held liable when a nurse was assaulted by a doctor who was an independent contractor.

Harassment Lawsuits and Lessons

- Protect your company from liability by understanding workplace discrimination and taking these steps to prevent it.

Workplace Violence

- The Hawaii Supreme Court has ruled that a woman who was fired for joking about workplace violence is not entitled to unemployment benefits. Such benefits can be denied under state law if a worker was fired for misconduct. The employee, who had worked at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel for 22 years, was fired after she jokingly placed her hands around a coworker’s neck. (Medeiros v. Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Hawaii Supreme Court, No. 24318, 2005)

High on the Job

- Drug dealers and users are more savvy in workplaces today. Businesses need policies and training to counter these trends.

Violent Behavior

- The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has released its guideline that aims to help organizations identify the potential risk for violence among individuals.

Tips on Termination

- How to handle termination of a problem employee who has a history of violent behavior or outbursts.

Courthouse security

- A bill (H.B. 5678) pending in the Connecticut General Assembly would set aside $10 million to evaluate security in courthouses and courthouse parking lots. The remaining funds would be used to install necessary security systems.

When Ex-Workers Won’t Stay Away

- Some terminated workers, like the proverbial bad penny, just keep coming back. Here’s how one company handled the harassment.

Courthouse Security

- Courthouse security. A bill (S. 378) to increase courthouse security has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill would require that the U.S. Marshals Service offer ongoing security advice to the judiciary.

Avoiding Violent Outcomes

- How to see the warning signs of potential workplace violence, and if it occurs, how to respond.

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