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Gunman Murders 8, Kills Self at Omaha Mall

- A suicide note from the gunman said he wanted "to go out in style."

Workplace violence.

- Legislators in North Carolina are considering a bill (S.B. 921) that would allow business owners to obtain a restraining order on behalf of an employee who is threatened by violence. The restraining order could be obtained to protect the employee from domestic violence or from a coworker. The order could be procured before any violence has occurred.

The Psychology and Law of Workplace Violence: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Employers.

- Security professionals involved in preventing workplace violence will find The Psychology and Law of  Workplace Violence to be an excellent reference. Although the book is long, the information is useful and is presented in an easy writing style.

Did You Know That?

- The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has released a DVD on preventing work-related homicides. Among other material, it contains a training program and OSHA guidelines. @ To download it or request a free hard copy  go to SM Online.

Did You Know That?

- Nearly 80 percent of respondents to a recent survey conducted by the American Society of Safety Engineers reported that they don't have a written workplace violence policy. Another 19 percent failed to indicate whether they had such a policy. Only about a quarter of respondents said that they planned to develop such a policy. However, 90 percent indicated that their organizations have written policies on weapons in the workplace. @ A summary of the survey is on SM Online.

Zero Tolerance Equals Trouble

- Zero tolerance policies administered without regard for mitigating circumstances increase a company's potential liability.

Show No Fear

- Presenting a calm exterior is the key to success in this eight-step approach to de-escalating a threatening situation.


- (Hasty v. Trans Atlas Boats, Inc., U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, No. 03-30884, 2004)


- A bill (H.B. 896) currently under consideration in the Texas Legislature would make it illegal for employers to ban firearms from their parking areas. Employers could not establish, maintain, or enforce any policy or rule that constitutes such a ban. The provision would allow employees who have a concealed-weapons permit to bring the guns to the workplace so long as they are kept in a locked vehicle. ASIS International has announced its opposition to such legislation, noting that employers have an obligation to provide a safe workplace and that bills such as H.B. 896 make accomplishing this impossible.

Workers' compensation

- The Nebraska Supreme Court has ruled that an employee who was assaulted in a parking lot shared by her employer and other businesses can recover workers’ compensation benefits. (Zoucha v. Touch of Class Lounge, Supreme Court of Nebraska, No. S-03-971, 2005)

Aggression in the Workplace: Preventing and Managing High-Risk Behavio

- In this book, author Marc McElhaney shares his experience, perspective, programs, and conclusions with regard to aggressive and threatening behavior in the workplace. His easy-to-read style blends comprehensive coverage with enough detail to make the book a practical tool.

Will Rage Turn to Rampage?

- Employers must understand the law when disciplining potentially dangerous employees who may have mental disorders.

ASIS News- Workplace Violence Guideline Published

- In company news, Docklands Light Railway installs mobile surveillance. In ASIS news, keynote speakers are set for San Diego, and ASIS releases a guideline on workplace violence.

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