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Morning Security Brief: Attack on U.S. Embassy, Bolivian Coca in National Parks, Facebook Investigations, and More

- Libyan officials say the attack on the U.S. embassy Wednesday was a well-planned ambush. Bolivia cleaning coca out of national parks. Facebook post leads to murder charges for gang members. And more.

Morning Security Brief: West Nile Precautions, LAPD Changes SAR Rules, and More

- West Nile Virus found in 48 states. LAPD has new SAR rules. A shooting in New Jersey leaves three dead. And more.

Workplace Bullying

- A bill (S.B. 4289) that would provide workers with a civil course of action if they are subjected to an abusive work environment is under consideration in the New York Senate.


- An employee of the University of Kentucky was wrongfully fired for keeping a firearm in his car on school property, according to the state’s high court. The court ruled that the state’s concealed carry law prohibited the university from firing the employee.

City of Houston's Active Shooter PSA Goes Viral

- The release of the homeland security grant-funded short film was moved up after the Aurora shooting.


- A California appeals court has ruled that a company can be held liable for harassing statements made by employees on a blog. Even though the blog was accessed by employees while they were off-duty, the court ruled that once the company learned of the blog, it had a duty to act to stop the harassment.

Workplace Violence

- A California court has ruled that a company can rely on hearsay evidence in pursuing a restraining order against a potentially violent visitor.

Warning of Workplace Violence

- One company devised a customized workplace-violence prevention program that includes security emergency pull stations, voice verification, and employee training.

Legal Report

- Courts consider cases on workplace violence, employment issues, excessive force, and privacy.

Gang Activity

- The FBI released its annual gang threat assessment. The report found that numerous gangs have infiltrated the military.

'Culture of Tolerance' Enables Violence Against Nurses, Says Hospital Administrator

- An Emergency Nurses Association survey found that most incidences of abuse toward nurses aren't formally reported. One hospital administrator fears that hospital violence has become an accepted occupational hazard.

Hostile Work Environment

- A female neurosurgeon has been awarded $1.6 million in damages on a hostile work environment claim. The jury found that the surgeon was belittled by a male colleague, who called her “a little girl,” and asked whether she could really perform a “big operation.”

Workplace Violence

- A new Connecticut law (formerly S.B. 970) requires healthcare facilities to conduct an assessment and then develop plans to prevent and respond to workplace violence. Employers must then train employees on the details of the programs. The law also requires that healthcare facilities maintain detailed records on workplace violence incidents and provide the number of incidents to the state’s health department. Under the law, any assaults on healthcare employees must be reported to local law enforcement within 24 hours.

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