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Airport Screeners Not Getting the Training They Need, Says DHS Report

- The airport security workers who screen passengers, carry-on bags, and checked baggage are inadequately trained because of poor management by the Transportation Security Administration, reports the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general.

Mentoring in the Criminal Justice Professions: Conveyance of the Craft

- Author Frank A. Colaprete argues law enforcement institutions must take the art of mentoring seriously.

Army-Sponsored Institute Develops Virtual Reality Counterinsurgency Training Games

- A U.S. Army-financed research institute, combining the skills of Hollywood and the video game world, is helping to train soldiers in winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond by developing virtual reality games that blur gaming and real life.

NYC Rabbi Teaches Synagogue Self-Defense

- A New York City rabbi has developed a 100-hour counterterrorist security course to protect synagogues during the forthcoming Jewish High Holy Days, The New York Post reports.

Directive Puts "Irregular Warfare" on Equal Footing with Traditional Combat

- A new directive requires the Pentagon to "step up" its abilities to fight unconventionally.

Recruitment, Retention, and Turnover of Police Personnel: Reliable, Practical, and Effective Solutions

- As the supply of qualified applicants dwindles, Orrick shows police departments how to recruit and retain good police officers.

Assessing Training Results

- Evaluations increase the likelihood that training will be transferred from the classroom to the job.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

- The 88-acre campus in the woods near Fredericksburg, Virginia, is disarmingly bucolic, but the training is intended to be alarmingly real, in the hopes that trainees who pass through this self-protection and awareness course and go on to Iraq will have a better chance of surviving. The typical attendee is a civilian contractor, but today it is the media, this reporter included, who have been invited in to experience the training firsthand

Did You Know That?

- Security, once a priority only for security professionals, is now getting the attention of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professionals. They say that training employees to protect against terrorism and other violence has become a top priority. The findings come from a study of 828 EHS trainers conducted by Business and Legal Reports and the Environmental, Safety and Health Training Association.

CD-Based Security Resources

- A new CD-based training tool, Securing Law Enforcement Computer Systems, is now available from the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

CD-Based Security Resources

- A new CD-based training tool, Securing Law Enforcement Computer Systems, is now available from the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). The CD is available at the NW3C's Web site,

First responders

- A bill (H.R. 3266) that would authorize the Department of Homeland Security to make grants to first responders to purchase or upgrade equipment and conduct training exercises has been approved by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Making Users Mindful of IT security

- Most security managers are aware of the need for awareness training for IT security, but are they doing it right?

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