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The Risky Business of Travel

- Companies requiring that employees travel to other countries must have strong travel security programs to protect both personnel and corporate information.

Active Shooter: Rapid Response (DVD)

- Active Shooter: Rapid Response assembles a team of experts in public safety, critical incident response, and emergency management to produce a comprehensive training film.

First-Responder Training to Change

- A new, comprehensive training program for first responders at all levels will replace a system focused on federal agencies, but concerns over testing remain.

NRA Releases Video on Its School Security Effort

- The NRA is pushing its own approach to school security through its National School Shield initiative. Critics say the program would "weaponize" schools and may not be feasible or effective.

Problems at Fusion Centers Tied to Poor Training

- A Senate report on DHS support for state and local fusion centers savages the department's training of personnel detailed to the intelligence shops.

Pick Up Your Own Brass: Leadership the FBI Way

- The message is that supervisors and leaders who demonstrate by personal example that they’re not too busy or too self-important to bend over and pick up their own spent brass on the firing range are more effective than others who do not.

Due Diligence for the Financial Professional

- This book, which covers an important issue, can help anyone responsible for fraud prevention and intellectual property protection.

Morning Security Brief: Police Training, Standardized Travel Advisories, Denied Records Requests, and More

- Advocacy groups are calling for revised standards for serving warrants in the wake of recent police shootings. Indiana implements a statewide travel advisory system. The Canadian government says releasing photos of Taliban hairstyles would harm national security. And more.


- A bill (H.R. 2619) introduced by Rep. Thomas Rooney (R-FL) would require the government to provide active shooter training to security personnel on military bases. The government would also have to establish policies and guidelines for better preparing law enforcement officers and others who would have to provide security in an active shooter situation, such as the one at Fort Hood in 2009.

Cross-Training for First Responders

- In his book, Gregory Bennett brings the reader through real life situations faced by first responders and, in doing so, highlights where the re­spond­ers’ training may be inadequate.

Preventing Crowd Violence

- While the book is written from a law enforcement perspective and for a police readership, the information certainly applies to private security professionals who must manage large crowd events in stadiums, malls, concerts, and protests that may be aimed at their companies or on the streets surrounding their facilities.

Intelligence-Led Policing

- Author Jerry Ratcliffe has written an accessible work that provides the reader with the theoretical foundation for the concept of ILP.

DARPA to Train Troops in Social Interaction

- Military research division DARPA is planning to train troops on how to enter any type of social interaction, allowing warfighters to better engage strangers and understand previously unknown "rules of the game."

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