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The Visible Employee: Using Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance to Protect Information Assets

- How companies can strike a balance between protecting themselves against insider threats and respecting employees' privacy.

Paper: Barred Domestic Spying Activity Resurrected at Different Agency

- The National Security Agency has duplicated the domestic data mining work of a Pentagon program defunded by Congress three years ago amid concerns over legality and privacy.

New Video Standard Offers Promise

- A new video compression tool offers an easier way to analyze surveillance feeds.

Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption

- This updated and expanded 2007 edition provides an incredibly comprehensive insight into the world of encryption and wiretaps, its political machinations, legal aspects, technologies, vulnerabilities, costs, limitations, and near-ubiquity.

Senate Authorizes Surveillance Expansion

- The Senate has approved a measure that would expand the government's clandestine surveillance powers.

Laws Needed To Govern CCTV, says Surveillance System Developer

- The president of a surveillance system developer urges Congress to establish laws regarding the use of surveillance technologies.

Surveillance Learning Curve

- Lessons learned as one school district upgraded to an IP-video system.

German Cops Want to Wiretap Skype

- The German government contracted with a German company to create malware to wiretap the Skype VoIP communications and SSL transmissions of suspected terrorists and criminals.

Surveillance Grows Worldwide in 2007

- A new survey from two privacy organizations says state surveillance is increasing, even in the world's strongest democracies.

Infrared Night-Vision Innovator Extreme CCTV to Become Part of Bosch

- Bosch Security Systems, Inc., is set to acquire Extreme CCTV for about $93 million come February 2008.

Will Use of UAVs Take Off?

- Tests are underway to assess whether unmanned aerial vehicles could be safety used by police in metropolitan areas.


- The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin lays out the finer points of surveillance.


- Under a new proposed rule issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Internet phone calls--voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP--would be subject to federal laws governing wiretaps. This means that VoIP providers would have to equip their devices to allow law enforcement to intercept calls in cases where a court order is issued for surveillance.

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