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Covert Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering

- The self-published Covert Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering reads more like a graduate-school paper without much valuable information.

Google Latitude Provokes Privacy Fears

- One of the world's foremost privacy organizations has slammed Google's new Latitude feature that allows people to track each other from their phones or computers as they go about their daily business.

Cambridge City Council Stops Activation of Surveillance Cameras

- In the enduring controversy over whether surveillance cameras bring security or erode privacy, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently voted to halt the activation of eight security cameras because the public has yet to be told what precisely the cameras will be used for, reports The Boston Globe.

Face-blurring Technology in CCTV Systems Could Protect Privacy, Researcher Says

- The omnipresence of sophisticated CCTV systems and its impact on privacy has led one researcher to propose an opt-in facial blurring technology for people uncomfortable under the gaze of surveillance systems.

Pittsburgh's Waterfront Installs Security Cameras

- Pittsburgh's The Waterfront has invested in new security cameras to deter crime after two fatal shootings this summer, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Understanding Surveillance Technologies: Spy Devices, Privacy, History, and Applications; Second Edition

- A mammoth history of security technologies from ancient China to today's world of genetic mapping and network security.

US May Have Illegally Listened in on Citizens' Calls

- The Senate is looking into allegations that the National Security Agency listened in on and shared information about calls made by Americans living abroad.

IP Standards on the Way

- A leading team of IP video manufacturers are putting together a committee to generate interoperability standards.

China's Surveillance State from the Olympic Games and Onward

- In preparation for the Olympic Games, the Chinese government has installed 300,000 surveillance cameras to monitor the activities of activists, journalists, and visitors for now and into the future.

Fusion Centers and Civil Rights

- A legal battle over public access to data collected by fusion centers could affect the government's information-gathering methods.

CCTV: Panacea or Problem

- CCTV is potentially the most valuable security resource as well as the most misused and wasteful. An expert explains the paradox of CCTV. (Online exclusive)

The Importance of Being Modest Regarding Public CCTV Systems

- Advocates of public CCTV systems should steer away from misleading arguments that such technology reduces crime and rather tout its ability to solve crime.

Homeland Security: Lost in Space?

- The Department of Homeland Security will likely face opposition in the courts if it goes ahead with its plans to redirect its spy satellites on domestic targets, says the Congressional Research Service.

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