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Pentagon Calls Protests "Low-Level Terrorism"

- The American Civil Liberties Union is asking the Pentagon to immediately remedy a question on a test that equates protests with "low-level terrorism," according to a letter from the civil liberties group.

New Cameras at Chicago's Navy Pier Lead to Arrests, Saved Lives

- Chicago's multi-million dollar investment to install security cameras around the city's famous Navy Pier has started to pay off, according to The Chicago Tribune.

China Eyes Cheaters

- Big Brother's about to look over the shoulder of millions of Chinese students taking their college entrance exams next week, according to the BBC.

Boston Suburb Says No To Surveillance Cameras

- The Massachusetts town of Brookline, which borders Boston, looks likely to axe surveillance cameras it installed at major intersections two months ago due to civil liberty concerns, reports The Boston Globe.

New VoIP Encryption Challenges

- Law enforcement officials worldwide have expressed frustration at their inability to tap encrypted VoIP communications and a new encryption product may add to it.

Thermal Screening for Flu Symptoms

- In an effort to contain the spread of the new swine flu, the U.S. is doing "passive" surveillance at airports and other entry points.

Software Helps CCTV Operators Catch What They Missed

- But will CCTV operators like the intrusion of being watched anymore than anyone else?

DHS to Deploy More Cameras at Northern Border

- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will expand the use of security cameras on the northern border with Canada to reduce the chances terrorists, illegal aliens, or contraband will slip over the northern border into the United States undetected, USA Today reports.

Muslim-American Organizations Debate Maintaining Ties to FBI

- Charges that the FBI has infiltrated mosques and mistreated a popular Muslim civil rights organization are jeopardizing the cooperation established between the Muslim-American community and the FBI after the events of 9-11, The Washington Post reports.

Fusion Centers Under Fire in Texas and New Mexico

- Civil libertatians are pushing for legal limits on personal data law enforcement organizations can collect after a Texas fusion center's bulletin singled out two Muslim-American civic groups for direct scrutiny.

Tracking Wireless Devices

- New technology adapted from methods used to pinpoint 911 callers could help thwart terrorists.

Shedding Light on Nighttime Surveillance

- Seeing into the heart of darkness isn't as hard as you might think, thanks to technologies ranging from thermal imagers to short wave infrared.

EU Could Investigate VoIP Eavesdropping

- Following a request from Italian legal authorities, a European Union (E.U.) crime fighting body is considering ways to investigate eavesdropping on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services such as Skype.

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