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DHS Improperly Investigated and Surveilled U.S. Muslims, Documents Reveal

- Documents obtained by two civil liberties organizations reveal during the Bush administration that the Department of Homeland Security improperly investigated and surveilled American Muslims who had no ties to criminal activity or terrorism.

Lawsuit Seeks Information on How Government Uses Social-Networking Sites

- A prominent hi-tech civil liberties organization has filed suit in federal court yesterday to impel a half-dozen government agencies to disclose the policies and procedures that govern how they access, collect, and store information from social networking Web sites.

BlackBerry App Can Spy on You, US CERT Warns

- The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has warned BlackBerry users that a new application has the ability to turn their smartphone into a surveillance tool.

Employee Monitoring

- A company that installed a surveillance camera to record activity in an empty office after hours to discover who was viewing pornographic material did not invade the privacy of the two employees who used that office during the day, California’s Supreme Court ruled.

Government Surveillance in United Kingdom Gets Scrutinized

- A recent incident in the United Kingdom has led to rising public concern over the government's extraordinary power to single out citizens for surveillance for suspicion of the slightest infractions, reports The New York Times.

U.K. Researchers Develop Anti-Card Counting Surveillance Tool

- Two researchers in the United Kingdom believe they have developed one more tool in a casino's arsenal to ensure the house almost always wins, according to New Scientist.

New York City's Ring of Steel Gets Wider

- The network of surveillance cameras; license-plate readers; and chemical, biological, and radiological sensors that protect lower Manhattan will expand to cover mid-town, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced yesterday.

DC Metro to Add Surveillance Cameras to System

- Trains, buses, and stations in the nation's capital will add cameras in what The Washington Post reports could become the beginning of a system-wide surveillance operation for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

EU Balks at Employee Monitoring

- Companies that operate internationally must be aware of the stringent workplace privacy laws in the EU countries.

CCTV Reclaims Public Housing Complexes in Newark

- A $5 million investment in a sprawling video surveillance system by the Newark Public Housing Authority has driven away drug dealers, prostitutes, and vagrants from the city's public housing complexes, reports Newark's The Star-Ledger.

Terms of Service

- The terms of service (TOS) agreements companies post online can be complex. This site provides a way to instantly learn when a TOS agreement changes at about 50 leading online companies.

New UAV Thrown Like a Boomerang

- Two times a year, unmanned-aerial-vehicle makers bring their wares to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International’s biannual field demonstration to try and carve out a niche in an exploding defense market. This year, a small UAV stood out.

Making Sense of Surveillance Claims

- To get the most from digital camera systems, security managers must understand the terms manufacturers use to describe their products.

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