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Drone Champions Want Greater Access to Domestic Airspace

- The FAA, however, says drones are not ready for prime time over densely populated areas yet.

Virtual Peeping Toms Exploit Unsecured IP Cameras

- As more and more IP cameras get connected to the Web, it's easy for voyeurs to find unsecured cameras and do what they do best: watch.

Big Brother Sleeps During the Day in Brookline, But Awakes as Night Falls

- SituCon Systems electronic eyelid allows Brookline, Massachusetts, to protect its citizens' privacy during the day but watch over them at night.

Game Camera Catches Naked Ghosthunter in Mississippi Cemetery

- A Mississippi cemetery set up a game camera to catch vandals. Instead, staff caught a local man naked and indulging in a bizarre hobby.

Government Contractor's Surveillance of Activists Causes Outrage Across Pennsylvania

- Pennsylvania's homeland security office is under fire for hiring a private intelligence firm that monitored the activities of law-abiding, peaceful activist groups.

Hershey Keeps Track to Keep Safe

- In an effort to make its theme parks safer, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts implemented iTrak incident-tracking software that can manage and share lists of banned visitors, among other tools like a lost and found module.

Mystery Players: How Casinos Catch the Careless, the Cheats, and the Corrupt

- Sometimes that gentleman playing blackjack with you at the casino isn't an insurance salesman from Duluth.

The Game Is On

- Some players aren't what they seem: they're at the table to help casinos catch cheaters and assess how well employees follow protocols.

Training Course Review: Predictive Profiling

- A profiling training course that requires a level of personal awareness that most people do not have on a day-to-day level.

Social Media

- In a case recently filed in federal court, a company claims that former employees violated their noncompete agreements by communicating with the company’s current contract employees via LinkedIn (.pdf). The case could have important ramifications for how employees use social media networking sites.

ACLU: Level of Government Surveillance Violates Founders' Intent

- The American Civil Liberties Union has launched a new project on its Web site called Spy Files to track incidents of illegal domestic spying by federal, state, and local government.

New Tool Takes Aim at Mobile Eavesdropping Threats

- Laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices are increasingly coming equipped with webcams and other sensor devices, according to a new Microsoft study. But such sensors represent a ripe way for hackers to eavesdrop on device owners, the researchers warn.


- Many organizations are concerned about telephone eavesdropping, but few organizations take steps to mitigate the risk, especially in certain foreign regions, according to a Ponemon Institute study. Read the report.

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