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Everyday Surveillance: Vigilance and Visibility in Postmodern Life

-  William G. Staples has authored an impressive, well-written, and exhaustive historical analysis of what he terms society’s ever-increasing “culture of surveillance” and “postmodern surveillance practices.”

Wagering on Preparation

- Whether working at an island resort or on the strip in Sin City, casino security managers never know what hand they will be dealt, so they must be ready for anything—from card counters to catastrophes.

Eavesdropping Surveillance & Espionage: Threats, Techniques & Counter-Measures

- The overarching message of Eavesdropping Surveillance & Espionage is that security professionals must “grasp the serious nature of these threats and understand available counter-measures.”

The Perks of IP Video

- When the security team at Starbucks upgraded to IP video, it was able to keep legacy equipment intact and meet expansion needs.

Morning Security Brief: DHS To Create License Plate Database, Personal Healthcare Information at Risk, and More

- DHS plans to build a national database that stores information from license-plate readers that scan every car that traverses their path; the Wall Street Journal reports that healthcare information could be at risk through a file-sharing site used by hackers, and leaked documents from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden show an American law firm was under surveillance by the agency.

Introduction to Surveillance Studies

- The author of Introduction to Surveillance Studies offers a look at the history of surveillance, its tools and technologies, the reasons for using those tools, and the social issues surrounding the increasing use of cameras.

Shutting Down Retail Theft

- Find out how Cabela’s used statistics to analyze return rates, shrink, and key performance indicators to develop more effective security policies and procedures.

Shining a Light on Surveillance

- Installations that use the sun as a camera’s power source are growing as technological advances make those solar systems more feasible, but many issues need to be addressed for the solutions to work well.

Surveillance or Security: The Risks Posed by New Wiretapping Technologies

- The technologies of communications and eavesdropping are increasingly complicated, and public policy must keep up with those innovations.

Arecont Threatens IPVM with Legal Action over Critical Blog Post

- A surveillance camera manufacturer sends a cease-and-desist letter to a writer questioning their marketing tactics.

Editor's Note: Surveillance System Technology Trends

- It’s getting easier to have surveillance systems that don’t overwhelm the network or storage systems.

Morning Security Brief: Cell Phone Records, Supreme Court Declines Illinois Eavesdropping Case, Norway Attack Footage, and More

- The NYPD has been collecting cell phone call logs. The Supreme Court declines to hear an appeal of a ruling by lower court that found Illinois’s eavesdropping law violates the First Amendment. Authorities release surveillance video of Anders Behring Breivik. And More.

Surveillance System Technology Trends

- It’s getting easier to have surveillance systems that don’t overwhelm the network or storage systems.

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