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Faster, Stronger, Safer

- Salt Lake City's Herculean efforts to secure the Winter Olympics began in 1996.

Keeping Your Event on Track

- As the organizers of the U.S. National Drag Race Championships have learned, putting security in the front seat during planning can keep any event on track.

Party Planning Under the Gun

- Find out how The Frazier Historical Arms Museum’s security team targeted its security plans for the opening gala.

Quarterbacking the Super Bowl

- Keeping dozens of law enforcement and safety agencies communicating before and during the game was part of the security challenge faced by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Olympics Results Not All Downhill

- Although Italy and the United States have close counterterrorism ties, U.S. agencies weren’t able to formally assess Italy’s operational security plans due to lack of access to sensitive information. They improvised by using “established relationships with their Italian counterparts to develop a working knowledge of Italy’s plans and capabilities for providing security,” according to a GAO report. @ Read the report at SM Online.

The Derby’s Unbridled Security

- More than 150,000 spectators watch the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Security weeds out pickpockets, purse-snatchers, and the unruly—and is ready for any more serious problems that could disrupt the race.

Body armor

- A bill (H.B. 1858) currently pending before Massachusetts lawmakers would require that security officers working at special events or on premises that serve alcohol be provided body armor for protection. The body armor would be paid for by the employer.

Brewing Up a Safe Oktoberfest

- The world's largest public festival, Oktoberfest requires a special 400-person police force, a Red Cross facility, a fire department, and lagers of savvy security.

Eastern Inscrutability: Security in the Saddle

- Securing Le Tour de Langkawi, Malaysia's answer to that other bike race.

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