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Despite Terrorism Threat, Inauguration Safe and Sound

- Despite terrorism threats released Monday night by homeland security officials, yesterday's inauguration of President Barack Obama at the Capitol came and went without serious incident.

No Credible Terrorism Threats to Super Bowl, Although Vulnerabilities Exist, Says Intel Assessment

- U.S. intelligence officials have found no credible terrorism threats to this year's Super Bowl, but a joint FBI and DHS intelligence assessment found gaps in security.

What it Took to Protect Obama Last Night at Grant Park

- As more than a hundred thousand people descended on Grant Park in Chicago to watch Senator Barack Obama's victory speech last night, layers upon layers of security protected the president-elect.

China Tightens Security as Olympics Near

- Security concerns are on the rise in Beijing, where the Olympic games open Friday.

Let the Games Begin--and End--Securely

- A look at security preparations and challenges in anticipation of the Olympic Games beginning later this week in China. (Online exclusive)

Ahead of Olympics, Security Measures Create Gloomy Atmosphere in Beijing

- The Communist state warns that the Olympic Games is under the shadow of an "unsurpassed" terrorist threat.

Disaster Management Experts Brief Congress on Ways to Protect Mass Gatherings

- Security experts and lawmakers fear a terrorist mass-casualty attack at malls, sporting events, and other places where crowds congregate.

Pennsylvania's Top Cop to Head NFL Stadium Security

- Duties will include pregame security screening, fan behavior, and signal stealing between teams.

China Ratchets Up Security Before Olympic Games

- The Chinese government has deployed a counterterrorism force of 100,000 to protect the Olympic Games from terrorist attack and public unrest.

San Francisco Readies Itself for Olympic Torch Relay Tomorrow

- After violent protests in London and Paris on Sunday and Monday, city officials have strengthened security measures to try and avoid the same fate in San Francisco.

Preparing for Protests

- What companies need to know to protect their facilities when they lie in the path of protests.

Conventional Protection

- How the professionals protected the Democratic National Convention and lessons for the future.

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