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First Responders

- The bill would have required that the government dole out first-responder funds based on risk. This differed from the current funding scheme which follows an equal-distribution approach, with all jurisdictions receiving funding even if those funds are not needed. The bill was designed to provide more funding for metropolitan areas that face greater risks of terrorist attack and less for rural areas.

Homeland Security

- To find out what’s at risk in Iowa, read the full interview with David L. Miller, administrator, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division.

High-Tech Chemical Nose

- A status report on a chemical-detection system, when to keep technological innovations close to the vest, and Alaska’s head of homeland security.

Assessing Cargo Supply Risk

- A new study examines the cargo transportation risks in various countries and what measures are being implemented by companies to mitigate those risks.

Security's Input on Outsourcing

- Security can play a valuable role in corporate outsourcing efforts.

Executive Roadmap to Fraud Prevention and Internal Control: Creating a Culture of Compliance.

- The book features the authors’ view of the interplay among fraud specialists, corporate security professionals, and IT security practitioners. Clearly favored are the fraud specialists.

Will You Flood?

- ASIS headquarters is at low to moderate risk for flooding. But the risk surges just a few blocks to the east, closer to the Potomac River. Want to assess the flood risk to your current or prospective sites? Check out the government’s Flood-Smart site (through SM Online), which also offers other flood-related resources for businesses and homes.

Seeing the Risk Through the Trees

- By graphing risk on a tree, with the trunk being the attacker’s goal and the branches being his methods, companies can assess the need for countermeasures.

What’s Behind Country Risk Ratings?

- A look at country risk ratings, DHS works on information sharing, and an interview with the head of the New York Office of Homeland Security.

Looking for Secure Outsource Partners

- Security and outsourcing, cell-phone risk, e-mail worms, and what’s new in secure portable data devices.


- Percentage of large wastewater facilities surveyed by the Government Accountability Office that said they had completed or were still conducting a vulnerability assessment

DHS’s New Schools of Thought

- Six Centers of Excellence serve as incubators of ideas and research for the Department of Homeland Security.

Did you Know That?

- Recognizing that compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley is disproportionately costly for small companies, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce has called for the Securities and Exchange Commission to exempt small public companies from certain provisions of Section 404 of the statute. Section 404 requires public companies to put into place an internal control structure for financial reporting and to report annually on the structure’s effectiveness. @ That recommendation, and four others, can be found in a fairer climb: improving Sarbanes-Oxley, available at SM Online.

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