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Governance best practices

- Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) have become buzzwords since the passage of legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. But what exactly do they mean? And how should companies promote their effective use? A white paper from The Compliance Consortium, a year-old international group working to create GRC best practices, answers these questions. In the paper the group defines seven operational concerns, from establishing policies, procedures, and controls to implementing continuing process improvement. It also provides a dozen questions for board members and senior managers to consider.  @  Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: An Operational Approach is at SM Online.


- Substantial risks face a proposed liquid natural gas facility in Rhode Island.

Security in Motion

- Discover how the American Museum of Natural History protects traveling exhibits.

Transportation security

- A bill (S. 1052) introduced by Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AL) would require that the Homeland Security Department establish a task force that would be charged with conducting a vulnerability and risk assessment of freight and passenger rail transportation systems. Based on that assessment, the department would then be required to develop specific recommendations for improving rail security.

Governance Concern

- A paper on governing for enterprise security highlights risks for IT and physical security professionals.

One-On-One Protection

- Knowing the environment and anticipating the protectee’s needs are two of the challenges facing protection professionals, who must often work alone.

Risk Management for Computer Security: Protecting Your Network and Information Assets

- Pick up any security publication nowadays and you’re sure to see an article on the convergence of traditional corporate security with the more technical world of information systems security. Without extensive computer experience, it can be difficult to understand the threats to and vulnerabilities of automated information systems.

EU Works to Secure its Supply Chain

- A new risk-assessment system is expected to detect numerous potential threats as part of a broader EU customs modernization.

Security Gets in the Game

- Security and the sissy factor.

Parking Aligns With Protection

- Many parking structures expose patrons to the risk of attack and to unsafe conditions. Find out how lighting and other design elements and security measures can help to minimize the risks.

Executive Protection: New Solutions for a New Era

- New tomes on executive protection, homeland security, and the rise of private military companies in the post-9-11 world draw rave reviews.

State Perspective – Iowa

- Interview with David L. Miller David L. Miller began his emergency management career as a dispatcher with the Iowa Department of Public Safety in 1974. He then oversaw 911 systems in Oregon and Missouri before returning home in 1989 to join the agency he now heads. He worked as Iowa’s Enhanced 911 coordinator, as the state’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division (HLSEM) chief of staff, and has served as an alternate coordinating officer or the alternate governor’s representative in 16 presidentially declared disasters.

First Responders

- The bill would have required that the government dole out first-responder funds based on risk. This differed from the current funding scheme which follows an equal-distribution approach, with all jurisdictions receiving funding even if those funds are not needed. The bill was designed to provide more funding for metropolitan areas that face greater risks of terrorist attack and less for rural areas.

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