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Cyberwar Gets Real

- As cyberattacks against Estonia, Georgia, and Syria show, cyberwar is a clear and present danger in a world dependent on the Internet.

British Reveal Risk Register

- Once extremely confidential, the British government has decided to publish online this year's risk assessment.

Benchmarking Guidance for CSOs

- A new survey of top-level security professionals reveals the best practices of the most successful organizations.

Outwitting the Outlaws

- In Mexico, as in some other countries, kidnapping executives is a low-risk, high-return business for criminals. Companies must help employees avoid becoming victims.


- 56Number of years World Bank analysts predict a fragile state is likely to stay so. The World Bank identified 33 countries or territories as fragile states in 2007.

A New Drug Battlefield

- West Africa is emerging as another frontline in the war on drugs.

European Union and United States Counterterrorism Cooperation

- A proposed security agreement between the European Union and United States would give federal officials access to a vast new pool of counterterrorism intelligence data.

Russia's Cybercrime Haven

- A computer security firm uncovered the exploits of a Russian cybergang, which included using malware to steal money from private bank accounts.

After the Flood

- How officials in Tabasco, Mexico, responded to a dangerous flood caused by a tropical storm in 2007.

Liberia's Success Story

- By putting woman in power, Liberia's Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has made her government more stable, more effective, and less corruptible.

A Deadly Serious Game

- Simulated exercises of a flu pandemic show firms have not planned adequately for business continuity.

Banking Against Proliferation

- By following a financial paper trail, banks can discover whether their clients are purchasing weapons of mass destruction.

Making Drugs That Kill

- Substandard antimalarial drugs may cause a more drug-resistant strain of the virus to evolve.

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