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Intellectual Property Piracy Harms Global Economy

- During a congressional field hearing in California, the entertainment industry proposed solutions to stem intellectual property piracy.

Preventing Squatting in Britain

- A real estate bust has led to increased squatting in the United Kingdom, but the private sector is offering innovative solutions.

Borders Complicate Efforts to Secure Personal Data

- The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission is calling on international organizations to work together to protect personal information while facilitating the global flow of information.

Interrupting the Money Flow

- Although effective, U.S. efforts to combat terrorism financing need improvement, says a former Treasury official.

India’s Growing Security Industry

- Rapid growth coupled with increased terrorism fears is spurring changes in this nascent industry.

Train Security

- The London Underground and National Railways (LUNR) passenger screening trial conducted by the U.K. Department for Transport and other stakeholders concluded it’s not yet feasible to carry out 100 percent airport-style screening in the U.K.’s railway system. Read the other findings in the summary report.

Private Security

- Humanitarian Policy Group's recent study "Private security contracting in humanitarian operations" maps the trends in the use of private security providers in humanitarian operations.

Data Breach Costs

- German companies surveyed by the Ponemon Institute spent an average of $3.2 million per data breach event in 2008 compared with $2.5 million in the U.K. and $6.6 million in the United States.

Global Security on Track

- A new cross-Atlantic alliance between Amtrak and the British Transport Police hopes to collaborate and cooperate on security and counterterrorism practices.

Digging into Data About Getting Out

- A British study investigating high-rise building evacuations relied on interviews of 271 Twin Towers' survivors on 9-11.

Risks of Aid Work in Pakistan

- Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Pakistan face a deteriorating security situation.

Terrorism Concerns Business Worldwide

- Terrorism ranks as one of the top concerns facing businesses operating overseas, according to the 2008 analysis of major risks around the world from the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC).

Nuclear Threat: High or Highly Exaggerated?

- A recent report from a bi-partisan commission says a terrorist strike using weapons of mass destruction is likely by 2013, but critics say the threat is exaggerated.

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