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Investing in Privacy

- Barclays Bank PLC launched a comprehensive data privacy program after a government report cited them for leaving customers' personal data in waste bins outside of their facilities.

Contractor Challenges in Afghanistan

- Expectations that are at odds with reality present challenges to contractors working in Afghanistan.

Maritime Conflicts

- The Indian Ocean Naval Conflicts Database (IONCD), created by The Nixon Center in Washington, D.C., tracks naval conflicts between states in the Indian Ocean from 1939 to 2007.Take a closer look here.


- 28 The number of ports worldwide at which radiation detection systems have been installed for the purpose of scanning cargo. The goal is to have the systems in 100 seaports by 2015.

Testing Company Aces Data Privacy and Security

- The organization that owns the GMAT standardized exam shows how even small organizations can give customers data privacy protections.  

Strategic Theater Yields Lessons

- A new database gives researchers details about maritime conflicts in the Indian Ocean, helping to teach lessons for future incidents.

Intellectual Property Protection

- The Government Accountability Office examined the intellectual property protection efforts in Thailand, China, and India. Read the report here.

Protecting Intellectual Property Worldwide

- China, India, and Thailand are not doing enough to protect U.S. intellectual property rights, reports the Government Accountability Office.

Will Mexican Law Impact Business

- In light of Mexico’s decriminalization of some narcotics, companies should review employee drug-use policies.

How Effectively Are Funds Being Spent in Afghanistan?

- A U.S. researcher argues against the conventional wisdom that development aid leads to security during counterinsurgency campaigns.

Engineering Jihad?

- One review of extremists' educational histories suggests they tend to study engineering, but critics caution about extrapolating too much from the data.

ATM Crime

- A new report by an EU group advises consumers on how to avoid becoming a victim of escalating ATM crime throughout Europe.

Corporate Data Protection

- The role of corporate data protection officers in Europe should be strengthened according to experts at the European Commission’s Data Protection Conference in Brussels.

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