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Forced Labor Threats

- Outsourcing by multinational companies can unwittingly lead to child labor and human rights abuses, harming the company’s reputation and bottom line.

Taking Security Global

- To ensure that security measures are in line with a region’s actual risk, multinational companies must consider corporate culture and employee attitudes.

Hotel Makes Room for Resilience

- In anticipation of the 2010 Federation Internale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup in South Africa, Tsogo Sun Group implemented ASIS International's organizational resilience standard to provide a comprehensive approach to security, crisis preparedness, and continuity management for its hotel properties.

Counterfeiting and Piracy: At What Cost?

- Two different studies try to grapple with calculating the cost of counterfeiting and piracy.

Protecting Personal Data in the EU

- Organizations should assess the enforcement risks in the countries in which they are operating and focus resources, experts say.

Lessons Learned from Chile's Earthquake

- While Chile fared much better than Haiti after recent earthquakes, many organizations discovered they weren't actually prepared to respond to and recover from the disaster.

World Cup Security in Play

- While South Africa may have preparations in place, ensuring the safety of executives who attend the tournament presents unique challenges.

Finding Food Security Solutions

- A food monitoring system developed by researchers at London's Kingston University found that seafood is the main source of mercury contamination in Europe.

Putting Duty of Care on the Radar

- Companies must be aware of their legal obligations to protect employees who are living or traveling abroad for business.

The Golden Rule

- The operators of Peru's Yanacocha gold mine have learned that working with nongovernmental organizations and doing good for local communities yield security benefits.

Doing It the Dutch Way

- A look at how the Netherlands pioneered public-private partnerships and how it is using the model to propel innovation in homeland security.

Global Security Collaboration Grows

- An international private-public partnership on data security in defense and aerospace contracting continues to blossom.

Parsing Public Support

- A new report attempts to quantify the cost of getting public buy-in for security in the United Kingdom.

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