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Strengthening Global Cooperation

- Efforts to combat cybercrime through diplomatic initiatives, treaties, and other means are growing, but it is still not a battle that all countries are equally committed to fighting.

Retail Security South of the Border

- How the head of security at a major Mexican retailer deals with its high-risk environment using an intelligence-based approach.

Targeting Human Trafficking

- Government agencies are reaching out to private industry to raise awareness of human trafficking and smuggling operations.

Anticorruption Efforts Seen as Flawed

- Experts question inconsistencies in U.S. anticorruption law and the new methods being used to conduct investigations.

The Real Price of Virtual Kidnappings

- Travelers should be wary of scams in which criminals steal a cell phone and then falsely claim to be holding its owner hostage.

Can Prisoners Be Deradicalized?

- Successful rehabilitation programs for terrorists are tailored to the needs of individual prisoners and usually involve a religious component.

Battling Cybercrime Across Borders

- International cybercrime investigations are fraught with challenges, such as gathering evidence that meets court standards in multiple countries.

Unification: Not Just a Theory

- One global company was able to reduce costs and provide better service by replacing local suppliers with a single strategic security partner.

Global Maritime Supply Chain Piracy: Threats and Countermeasures

- Mitigating the risks of maritime piracy requires thorough risk assessment, including intelligence acquisition, vulnerability assessments, and voyage security planning.  (Online Exclusive)

Hezbollah's Tri-Border Hub

- Experts worry that terrorist organizations are setting up criminal rackets in South America and funneling the funds to the Middle East.

The Price of Afghan Security

- Subcontractors delivering goods to remote combat outposts in Afghanistan may be funding the Taliban by paying hefty fees for safe passage.

Exploited Labor

- The Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs last year released its initial public list of goods believed to be produced by forced or child labor in violation of international standards. The list, which was required by the TVPRA, sorts the risks by country, good, and whether the goods were produced with child labor, forced labor, or both.


- 7 The number of countries effectively curbing foreign bribery of public officials, according to a new report on combating global corruption by Transparency International.

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