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Trends in Terrorism Targets

- Surface transportation systems remain a target for terrorists, leading researchers to study such attacks to determine which deterrents are most successful.

EU Data Security Rules

- As the European Union works toward revising the 1995 rules, companies may want to get a head start on implementing some provisions.

Nigeria’s Security Challenges

- Government corruption, gangs, and terrorism are among the challenges facing Nigeria and threatening its stability.

Holding Individuals Accountable

- To get companies to take corruption charges more seriously, the U.S. is now going beyond fines to individual prosecutions.

Fighting Corruption

- Companies should have their own anticorruption policies when going into highly corrupt nations to do business.

Cruise Control at Sea

- Nearly two years after a U.S. law was passed to improve reporting and investigating of crimes committed on cruise ships, there’s uncertainty among former victims about whether the implementation of the legislation is living up to their expectations.

Return of The Troubles?

- Dissident Republican terror groups want to plunge Northern Ireland back into the violence of yesteryear, but they won’t, say peace and justice activists.

U.S., Europe Privacy Practices

- The United States may have to adopt more stringent data privacy rules to stay competitive in a global market.

Corralling Corruption in the EU

- Several programs developed for countries within the European Union are designed to hinder corruption by promoting transparency and integrity.

Guidance for Working in Disaster Areas

- New standards are designed to help security contractors operate safely in areas with weakened rule of law.

Assessing Progress in the War on Drugs

- The global war on drugs is a failure, according to a recent report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Too Focused on Safe Havens?

- Failed states may not be the terrorist havens experts once thought. More attention should be given to weak and corrupt nations.

When Darkness Falls in Delhi

- The growth of 24/7 call centers in India puts women at risk. Efforts to protect them have generated results as well as criticism.

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