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Terrorism’s New Paradigm in West Africa

- A look at threats and solutions in the Sahel region of Africa.

Cyberattack Trends in Latin America

- Find out about malware trends and other cybersecurity issues facing Latin America.

Security Perspectives Surveyed

- Governments around the world stress the importance of private-sector engagement in national security. However, a recent survey shows that private companies conceptualize their own responsibility differently depending on where they are located.

Tier Pressure to Curb Human Trafficking

- Experts analyze the effectiveness of the State Department’s rankings of countries based on their efforts to combat human trafficking around the world.

Defusing Radical Islam

- Sufism might have the power to deradicalize Muslim militants because the peaceful sect adheres to the basics of Islam without the tendency to violence.

Assessing U.S. Efforts in Central America

- U.S. government programs designed to curb violence and drugs in Central America are gaining traction, but experts warn that addressing social issues may be the key to success.

High Stakes on the High Seas

- Experts contend that governments currently patrolling off the coast of Somalia will withdraw, leaving merchants to fend for themselves.

The U.K. Bribery Act, Year One

- Companies that conduct business in the United Kingdom should review their existing anticorruption programs in light of the U.K. Bribery Act.

The End of Terror

- Terrorist groups are most likely to die off when their leaders are removed, but the timing and circumstance of the change are important factors.

Operating in High-Risk Markets

- By gathering intelligence, establishing local relationships, and developing crisis management plans, companies can reap the rewards of operating in high-risk countries.

Armoring Trends in Latin America

- As violent attacks on citizens continue in countries such as Brazil and Mexico,individuals are responding by buying armor for private vehicles.

Sic Semper Technology

- Authoritarian regimes are using network surveillance technology to further human rights abuses. Governments around the world are responding by restricting the export of such technology.

Due Diligence Across Borders

- Before developing a partnership with a foreign company, organizations must conduct a thorough investigation to ensure compliance with anticorruption laws.

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