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Fusion Centers Should Work with ISACs

- A lack of appreciation has led state intelligence fusion centers to ignore private sector owner-operators of critical infrastructure.

@ Worth a Look

- Each time a laptop is stolen from a public- or private-sector employee, there is a hue and cry about whether it was encrypted or password protected or otherwise had its data secure from prying eyes. These high-tech solutions sometimes overshadow the low-tech equipment that could have prevented the theft in the first place.

Quick Bytes: Security controls

- To comply with the government’s Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA), federal agencies must apply baseline security controls.

Jargon Watch

- Demystifying terms used in the security industry.

A Plan for Sharing


Building Designs Cope with Threats

- Public and private buildings will have no choice but to comply with building modifications in locations where municipal governments adapt federal codes, as has already occurred in New York City. But improvements are still voluntary in most cities.

Sharing Critical Info with DHS Gets Easier

- A look at country risk ratings, DHS works on information sharing, and an interview with the head of the New York Office of Homeland Security.

Positive SPIN on Liaisons

- Find out how the Security Police Information Network (SPIN) promotes public-private information sharing.

Electronic Recording of Interrogations

- On the other hand, private security professionals can learn a lot from this text, especially if they are responsible for investigating embezzlement, fraud, threats, or violence. It can help them interview victims and witnesses and interrogate suspects.

The Geeks of War: The Secretive Labs and Brilliant Minds Behind Tomorrow’s Warfare Technologies

- Similarly neglected are the role of private-sector technology incubators, government funding and venture capital, as well as public-private and university partnerships, and the applicability of technologies to the civilian and security sectors.

Crude Oil and Corruption

- Find out how Shell Oil is experimenting with a new three-pronged approach to securing its oil interests in the highly volatile regions of Nigeria.

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